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Lunch break...

Mmmm, soup. I made soup for lunch. And since it didn't require any cooking, I managed not to screw it up. Toss a few cucumbers into the blender with some yogurt, add a few mint leaces and a little bit of dill, and puree until you need a microscope to see the particles. Then chill, and you have a soup that's good in summer when the temperature is so high the thermometer is warping.

It rained today. I woke up to a crash of thunder so loud that I thought birdie had gotten into the fireworks again. Then I heard another crash, and then a sound I hadn't heard in far too long. Rain hitting the roof, and the balcony, and the windows. I really like that sound. It doesn't happen that often, what with living in a desert, a rain shadow nonetheless, and being on the wrong side of the Sierra Nevadas to boot. I opened the windows to let in the wonderful smell of the desert after a rainstorm. And when I left to go to work there were still many puddles left. I didn't jump in them as I didn't want to ruin my workclothes, but I wanted to. Maybe it'll rain some more. I can always hope.

Well, I paid for classes at TMCC, and am now broker than I've been in a long time. It didn't help that at the same time I paid rent, power and Dad, who pimped me out of the last four months of car insurance. With my rates, I expect a Porche when/if I total the Bantha. And two weeks paid vacation. Haven't gotten the bill from UNR yet, but as I still have another semester of lessons to go through, it'll be steep. And the sad thing is that all the money from my last paycheck is already gone, was gone before I paid rent. Overtime? Sure, I don't mind.

It's supposed to be sunny on Sunday. Was thinking of going up to the lake, but, alas, the bantha has enough trouble on level ground. Anyone up for doing the beach thing?

Finished Traitor a while ago, but as it's still in the pondering stage, I might not talk about it for a couple of days. I will say that for a paperback, it is incredibly dense in places and delves much deeper into philosophy than I thought any Star Wars book capable of. There are a lot of zen/buddhism/tao influences involved, some of which I need to further ponder. Not that it was a bad book, it was just so atypical that I'm still not sure wheter or not I like it.

Oh, and I found a new picture. It's supposed to be an anime version of the Solo kids, and it's just so darn cute that I couldn't resist. Or, as Kell would say, cuteness should be preserved at all costs. Or maybe it was Janson...



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