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I burned my scalp...

Know the old bump-and-grind? That's what the Doc sounds like now. Actually, it's more of a *bump* crash *grind* crash *raspberry* routine, but anyway. I think the poor thing needs some serious service. So far, it's been running okay, but listening to it I swear it's going to fall apart any moment now. Only 1 more IGT book to go...

Yesterday, I went with Jeni and her family to Wild Waters for her father's company picnic. It was quite fun. Hot, just a little wind. Well, actually, first we played scrabble at her apartment, which is very, very nice, and I only lost be a few points. Considering I couldn't remember what letter came after J in the dictionary, that went amazingly well. Anyway, we hung around for a couple of hours until her parents came. She was gonna hit her roomate with Anakin, but the door was locked. Strange people, those, sleeping in on a Saturday morning, of all days. ;)

Where was I?

Oh, yes. So then we went to the waterpark, and we got there early enough that there weren't too many people there yet, so we tried a couple of the slides, and so on. Twas fun. I would have gone on more, but I was very sleepy. Then we went to the *grownup* island and had yummy frozen drinks, but it was incredibly loud in the bar, not to mention smoky, so we didn't stay too long. But Jeni did see her old Spanish teacher from high school. Mmmm. I think my new favorite drink is a pina colada.

Oh, yes. By some misfortune, Tom from work was also there. Jeni accused him of trying to catch her in a bathing suit. With Tom, you never know. Anyway, it was quite funny. We were in line for one of the slides, and Tom was right behind us, trying to sneak his son, who was about three inches too short, down it. But the teenybopper lifeguard told him no, so they had to walk back down all those stairs. I forgot to make the sign, but maybe Jeni will tomorrow night.

So I had much fun, and was very tired by the time I got back to the apartment. I set my alarm clock, but I must have hit the snooze button in my sleeep, because I woke up at 10:20 and my alarm wasn't going off. It was just downright painful to get up, though.

Anyway, I'm going home after work to pack, then going down to grandpa's with Mom because he's having surgery either Monday or Tuesday. Kinda scary. The man's 80 and already had to operations on his heart, and who knows what could happen? That's why I didn't want Mom to go down by herself. If everything goes well, I won't be back until Wednesday night at the earliest. If not, I may end up using up my sick time, and I have no idea when I'll get back. Hopefully, though, he'll be in and out, and none of my fellow disgruntled graveyard coworkers will have to cover for my absence.

I had more to write, but there is much yet to do and (literally) miles to go before I sleep. See you all soon.



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