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Mmmm. Air conditioning. What a wonderful invention.
I followed Lyssa's example and took refuge from the heat in the bookstore for a couple of hours. Was nice, they were playing opera and it wasn't too busy. I was trying to find something new to listen to, but I didn't actually get any cds. I just spent lots of time listening to all the different ones, appreciating the wonderful bliss that a climate-controlled environment produces. Actually, I didn't buy that much, which is pretty rare for me. Usually I end up leaving a bookstore cursing and planning to seel my first-born child, but I got a couple of summer reads and a really nifty book of quotations, which I had been planning to get, anyway. But I needed something to read, since I can't seem to get any of the myriad stories swirling around in my cranium to hold still long enough to type 'em up. Grrr. My writer's block is quickly become a writer's mountain range.
Feeling somewhat hapless, what with most of the regular crew MIA. I woke up this morning wanting to do something, only to realize that everyone was either working or still sleeping. So, I finished up the Ocean Girl tapes and watched the So Wierd one. I dunno if I like the way OG is heading. The way they brought the sister in was terribly contrived, and had a very Mary-Sue ish ring to it. Not that Meira's all that bad, but I think there has to be a better way to write her in. Seriously, how many parents do you know that would willingly jettison an infant in a tiny, limited pod rather than keep her in a spaceship just to land. And then to just leave her upon landing? Ick. But the bad guy sounds cool, allthough he seems to be suffering from serious "can't find decent help" syndrome. And I hope there's more that what you gave me, Lyssa, 'cause that last one was a serious cliffhanger.
Anyway, I think I've lowered my core temperature sufficiently to brave the inferno again. And once I get home, I can turn on the AC and revel in the sort-of coolness and the added benefit of white noise. And perhaps hope that they will have finished all the "inprovements" that are currently in progress. Gah.


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Jul. 15th, 2002 10:16 pm (UTC)
Writer's mountain range... I feel your pain. *goes back to poring over her list of all paranormality that So Weird HASN'T used*

I'm still here, if ya want company for ddr or mall trip or... I dunno. I want to explore that place.. the museum... where I just was for chtaqua, I wanna go wander around but not all by myself.

Mera... contrived, yeah, MarySue, yeah a bit. In later seasons she loses the cheer and becomes unrelentingly serious. Poor girl. And the ship was heading for fiery destruction, a life pod wasn't so bad a choice... but why their dad never left the island to search for her? There's a plot hole.

*grin* but just think, what if there were MORE babies dropped in life pods? It's a gift from the gods to fanficcers everywhere, a readymade source of original characters!

Dr. Hellengren... he's better than the later villains lemme tell you! His daughter shows up soon which adds dimension to the guy.

As for the rest of OG, I shall make you what I have. Where did it leave off? Winston on the island sees the two mysterious people? I think that's all I have of season two, there's only an ep or so to go and they vanished from my tapes between 95 or whenever and now. But I'll make you season 3 and 4. I'm not sure you'll like them, they... go in directions.
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