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Luckily, I can go to work where the AC is refreshingly, delightfully, on.

Happiness is upon us. Repent ye harbringers of doom, for the jubille has come. Let all the end of the earth rejoice!

In other words, I got my camera.

And it was good.

It came with it's own case, and is very much like Mom's except that it's very much more mechanical. The book is a million pages long, but most of it is very straightfoward. We went to Costco to pick it up, because it was on sale, and I had a terrifying moment when the guy said he had to check because he might have run out, but, thankfully, there was a whole row of them hidden, so I walked out of Costco in a daze. I probably looked like I was high. AND it came with pretty much everything, which is rare since usually you end up having to buy the components since the cameras are so modular. But it came with a really neat zoom lens, 28-80, which is not typical, AND it has a built in flash, plus a hookup fir a flash like Mom's. That's actually one of the best parts, because I can filch parts off of Mom's camera and they will owrk on mine. I plan on stealing her uv/polarizing filter one of these days, and her telephoto lens once I've gotten used to the way it works. The only strange part is that there are a zillion buttons on the things, which is strange because the settings are all on a digital screeen. But so far I've managed to freak out my bird with the strange whirring sounds, and it nearly scared me to death when the flash popped out for the first time.

On a completely different track, I'm almost all the way through the Ocean Girls that Lyssa taped for me. (You're a goddess, dear. The series makes so much more sense when I can watch it in order.)And for whatever strange reason, my VCR likes those tapes. I must find your source, because it takes me ages to get it to accept anything else. I really like that series, though I haven't really latched onto any particular character yet, which is unusual for me. I like the kids, and I think Neri is interesting, but for whatever reason, I like the assistant guy more. You know, the one with the quotes for every occasion?

Hmmm, nothing else comes to mind right away. Wish that I had a very many more days off, but then I allways do when I have to work. Maybe if it stays slow, they'll start giving us days off. Anyone want to go to the lake on Sunday. I know Jen'll be gone, but there has to be someone out there who'll want to come along.

Must go to stupid meeting now, hoepfully the eloquent spouting of pointless hypocrisy will only last an hour, and then maybe dinner early, since I think I have to do laundry, as I have no clean shirts left.



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