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Another fun-filled Friday night...

Well, my month wasn't quite as bad as nurikochan's. But then, who'd want my truck?
Much looking foward to Sunday. I really need to get out of here. And soon, before they figure out where I buried the bodies. Slept at Mom's yesterday because I knew I wouldn't be getting much sleep with the painters around. I took a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets into the downstairs back room and bedded down on the floor, because it's so wonderfully cool and dark and quiet there. I finally woke up when Mom stuck her head in to ask if I was planning on going to work. Apparently, she thinks I need three hours to get ready. But she and Dad went with Erin and her husband for the weekend out to hat creek to fish or something. And Al bought an ATV.
Yep. Mom didn't say a word. It cost him $3000. Sometimes I wish I were the younger child. He'd going to take it down to Mammoth with him Saturday, and I have no idea when he's coming back, except that he's going to miss my birthday, not that it matters since he never gets me anything anyway.
I'm so glad I have Monday off. That's when we start our sale. Yup. Anyone remember Kinko do Mayo? Same theme, only for the fourth of July. .04 BW copies, .44 color copies, you get the idea. Nothing like a sale to bring the freaks and wierdos out.
It would have been a slow night, except that the Doc has finally decided that it wants to sleep. Have to feed in 20+ cases of 3HD for the LTCC job, and tray three isn't working very well, which means that instead of having to load paper every hour, I have to load it every five minutes because tray 1 can only hold 700 sheets at a time. AND the copying gods hate me, because I've allready gotten three different paper cuts tonight.
In another classic move, the only oversize job I left yesterday morning is still here. Steven's trying to pass it off on me, and I hand him the envelope and ask him to look at the order. He kind of stares blankly at it for a while, then ask me what my point is. So I ask him what the first thing is that he'd do if he was to run it. He stares at it again, so I grab the envelope and sort of shake it in front of his face. It's empty, which makes it rather difficult to print anything from the CD that's supposed to be in there. Hence the reason I left it for Stacey. Hence the reason the sight of it laying in wait on the bin made me twitch.
Had a fun customer tonight. She comes up to me and complains that the paper cutter doesn't work. Maybe that's because she's been trying to jam all 50 sheets in it at once. Being ever helpful, I offer to cut it for her, telling her that it'll cost her 75 cents per cut. She throws a fit, telling her other two companions that I'm trying to cheat her because she's black. (Sorry, African-American.) I tel her no, that's the standard price. She agrees, and it turns out she wants the things trimmed on all four edges. (Okay, all you math whizzes. 4 times .75 is? That's right - a staggering 3$.) Following my hunch, I make a point of telling her this, and get another bout of hysterics for my trouble. Meanwhile, I'm thinking that in the time it took her to argue, she and her other two companions could have easily had the damn things cut. Anyway, she finally gets around to paying, complaing all the while, and I ask her if she wants a bag. She looks at me, sticks her chin out, and asks, "Is it going to be 75 cents?"
Going on to better things, they posted a way-early excerpt of Destiny's Way. Someone got their hands on Traitor, and there was an excerpt in it from the November hardcover. Nothing much, though any last wistful thinking regarding a certain someone's death was quickly put down. Gah. I think that they should just sacrifice all the men, and let the women run things. It would be so much better.
No, I don't hate men. I just get sick of the gender bias in sci-fi. Haven't the publishing companies figured out yet that there a lot of women reading their books? Would it hurt to have something approaching equal representation? And I won't even go into the lack of female role models, 'cause I don't want Rue to glare at me. We fought earlier over the mutialtion of Treasure Island Disney's making, because I asked why they couldn't make Jim female, since they're changing everything else. Then I ducked. That one throws a mean hackey-sack.



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