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Went to the pancake breakfast with Rue and Jeni today. Hee hee. When Rue called me, I though the Jeni referred to was actually Jenny, and was consequently confused when I showed up at work at 7 AM. In hindsight (nothing magical about it) I should have guessed that Jenny would never have gotten up that early unless it involved anime.
Anyway, had a fun time. We managed to make it up there by around 8:30, caught the haywagon (is it officially a haywagon if it's pulled by a tractor?), ate some pancakes, had a plates blown into my face (it was a tad bit windy up there) and generally wandered around. I hope I got some good pictures, but we'll see. The Ponderosa ranch is a neat little place, if a little bit on the corny touristy side. (Hint to all you who weren't alive for Bonanza: You really don't need to take the tour of the ranch house, nor do you need to see the very badly done video.) But the town was cute, and the scenery was great. Had some fun in the mine thingie, as soon as I got over the initial vertigo. Found a couple of small trinkets for people, got Mom a pin for her hat. Would have gotten b-day stuff, but Rue beat me to it, so you guys had better like what you get, since it was really cool watching the guy making it.
The drive back was interesting. Somehow, all three of us missed the turnoff onto the Mt. Rose highway, and ended up going from Incline to Tahoe City before we figured out we were STILL on I-21. See what happens when you put me in a nagivating position?
Anyway, was going to take Grandma out when we got back, only as I was in the store calling her, I got nabbed by Steven and sent upstairs to the Core group meeting, allegedly to give a little bit of input re the "graveyard situation". I must have missed the part when it became a situation. Basically I reitereated the fact that we are neither psychic or gods, for all the good it did. Man, I really DIDN'T miss much for not going to those meetings.
Anyway, by the time I got out of there, it was 4:30, and there was no point in doing anything else, so I think I'll go browsing and then home.
Dinner tonight, right? Someone please call me, as I am one of the backward few who has no home computer.


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Jun. 20th, 2002 12:28 am (UTC)
*laugh* Not even anime will get me up at seven in the morning... although it might enduce me to STAY up till then...
Jun. 20th, 2002 01:42 pm (UTC)
Actually, it's not I-21 between Tahoe City & Incline, though I don't remember what it's called at the moment. It has a name, too, aside from a number...North Shore Blvd. Hey, I haven't forgotten everything!
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