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In which yours truly waxes psychotic...

I was actually in a fairly good mood for the first half of work. Got a lot done, didn't have to do too many redos, had almost all my machines working, wasn't feeling completely swamped. Then I started "finding" jobs that had been misplaced, OS CLR in the color section, BW jobs that didn't exist. Jobs that had been here almost 24 hours are were still not logged in. Jobs that had been (and this killed me) QC'd and binned without ever having been done.
Then there was the legal job that had been completely under-quoted. So under-quoted that between labor and supplies, were we not only not making a profit on the damn thing, we didn't even make cost. THEN there was the myriad of jobs that had been taken by stupid people. Jobs that were digital but had no disk. Jobs that were allegedy to be run on a paper we don't carry.
And then there were the jobs that had supposedy been placed on hold, but in a remarkable stroke of genious, someone had neglected to call the customer and tell them that.
I was in a good mood.
And J was over an hour late, which meant that my other co-worker had to stay. I have just about had it with late co-workers. In the last five times I've worked with her, she'd been at least an hour late four of the five days. I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I am getting sick and tired of this stuff. It's a JOB, people. It's not optional. They're f***ing paying you to do it. The least you can do is be on time. I told my other co-worker to leave voicemails for the managers about it. It's bad enough in the summer, but when school starts again none of us have the time to stay until she decides she wants to come in. I hate to get someone in trouble, but, seriously, how hard is it?
I told Tom that if he was late again I'd castrate him with a ruler. A dull, plastic one.
Put down the scissors.
I think I should go now. Maybe driving will calm me down a bit.
On second thought, I think I'll take the scissors with me



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