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mmmmm... ice cream...

Just another day (really night) off. I need to break this habit of sleeping. It seems that the more I get, the more I want. I woke up Monday night, managed to stay up for a couple of hours, then crawled back into bed and slept some more. And even though I took a nap earlier tonight, I still feel sleepy. Had an interesting Star Wars game tonight. I like this character a lot. Kind of GreenPeace meets Seiji Ozawa. I only wish there was more for her to do. Seems like we're never in one place long enough to really set up a decent gig, and I'm barely scraping by on the restaurant business, especially with having to pay them. And I'm sure the fact that I'm completely passive and a bit of a wuss isn't helping me much. God help me if I ever have to actually fight Jen's character. It wouldn't even be funny, just pathetic. Of course, I could always go insane again. The thing is, there's only so long you can get drunk and try to evacuate yourself out of an airlock, or sit rocking back and forth, laughing maniacly before it gets old.

Someone at work showed me this, and I thought it was funny.
Drunken Marauders
Tea plantation workers in India's Assam state are being terrorized by herds of rampaging wild elephants that storm into villages to guzzle home-made beer, then destroy mud-and-thatch huts in drunken rampages.
The Indo-Asian News Service reported that the elephant raids are occuring in many parts of northern Assam, where people traditionally brew rice beer at home.
The smell of the fermentation is said to attract the animals from the forest into populated areas. "Most villagers, apprehending trouble from the elephant herds, stay huddled together and hence no casulties," one official said. Assam is home to at least 5,500 of the country's total elephant population of around 10,000.

The motto of the story? Never give underage elephants rice beers. It just ends in tragedy, and I'd hate to see those elephants the next morning. You think drunken elephants are bad? Nothing compared to an elephant with a hangover. The second motto? Don' t drink and rampage.

Grrrrrrrrr! Don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. I thought this whole four ten thing meant I would have three days off. Hmmm. Maybe next week?

Okay. Birthday stuff. Umm, I can never think of anything I want when my birthday is approaching. Don't suppose anyone would consider assasinating my mother a birthday present, eh? *sigh* Umm.... Listie thingie...
The soundtrack for Prince of Egypt. Not the country of gospel versions, just the regular one.
Anything that would look nice hanging off the deck. Windsocks, windchimes, only nothing too loud unless you want me to get evicted.
You can never go wrong with a kite. My plan is to populate every tree in Rancho with a least one kite. Think I can do it?
Neato poster always good. I don't have any of the EpII ones yet. Just as long as the gag-me pair aren't in it. Yoda is happy, though.
This is silly, but there is a very corny movie out there called Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Music is always a good thing.
Fun car stuff is good. Jenny, Jen, tell me where you got the snake and the alien.
Anybob, see you soon.



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