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Late night rambling at it's finest...

Waiting for it to be time to clock in. On the one hand, I kinda like the idea of only working four hours. On the other, I wish it was just a tiny bit earlier. Sleep can only be delayed for so long before it comes crashing down on me.
Re-read Rebel Stand a couple of times today. I could have sworn there was another scene in it, but I must have been imagining things. On the whole, not a bad book at all, though it did suffer from some serious paring down. It could easily have been twice as long, considering that it consisted of three different plots working pretty much independantly of each other. Sometimes the transitions were a little abrupt. I liked the continuation of the defense of Borelias. It was very plausible, very remeniscent of the military history books Mom loves. Whatever else you can say about Aaron Allston, the man knows his tactics. Finally. an author who can pay proper homage to Wedge!
And the book was funny. Not quite as funny as the last one, but there were some memorable moments and lines. Which is a very refreshing change of pace from the other novels. Allthough I do wish he could have put some more Wes in there. One of the best moments of the book was when he found out he'd been inadvertantly hitting on Jaina.
I could have done without most of the Coruscant plot, though. The interaction between Kell and Face and Luke was great. Now I know why I liked the X-Wings series so much. Dry humor is vastly underrated by the youth of today. But the whole subplot seemed kind of useless and contrived to me. I think the problem was that it strayed a little too far into the fastasy genre for my tastes. Kind of stretched my disbelief. Ooh, we need an antagonist. Let's throw in a surgically modified giant with some Force ability and a fried brain. That should do. And the whole stream of Force bottled up was more than a little far-fetched. Nothing I've seen or heard supports it. And I allways thought the Force was something more than a store of battery juice. I mean, that's just a little too close to magic for my taste. And magic just doesn't work in Star Wars. There are certain rules to follow, and Allston blew them off right and left. I remember somewhere reading that G. Lucas himself forbid Del Rey to have anything to do with anymore dark Jedi. Hence the need for the YV.
And I don't agree with why they had to even go to Coruscant in the first place. They didn't seem to do much while there, other than making YV shishkabob and having it out with Nyax. Though I though it was interesting how they treated the planet itself. Obviously, the poor planet has had it rough. But I allways thought they would re-conquer it and fix it. Now, it looks like the planet is doomed. And whether or not the NR ever wins, I don't think it'll be the seat for the new government again. Kind of sets a grim tone for the end of the series.
Liked the whole Han/Leia thing, but I thought it wasn't really necessary other than to establish that they have truly reconciled. Was kind of fun to see them break out of prison. And it did spawn a great line.
"Come to the scoundrel side of the Force."
Need more time all around. I think the book could have easliy doubled as a hardcover, though it felt no where near as rushed as Dark Journey. Hopefully they'll have overcome that particular shortcoming by the time Destiny's Way comes out. I'm kind of curious as to what will happen then. Obviously Jacen returns, but it isn't clear whether that will happen before or during the book. And maybe by then they'll have gotten some decent YV. Save for the old one, the species as a whole has been rather stupid.
Bring on Shimmra! Maybe he'll whip into shape. Literally.
On the whole, the book was a lot less lethal than others. Only a few deaths, and the only ntable ones were Lah's father and Viqui Sheesh. I'm glad she's dead, though. I just wish she'd suffered more, first. But I liked how she died. Good judgement of her character on the author's part.
Well, must go to work


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Jun. 1st, 2002 01:16 pm (UTC)
See, this is the problem with the whole good-always-wins tradition - the bad guys must be stupid, because otherwise the good guys have to lose more than most people are willing to sacrifice.

Yeah, the authors've definitely lost the YV touch. I'll miss old Czulkung (or whatever the hell his name was). With the way they've all been carrying on about Borleis, only Harrar and Nim Yim should be allowed to make appearances from now on until they bring in Shimra. Everyone else just embarrasses the species.

"Carry on, Ooglith Masquer."
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