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Mad at John. What the hell is he trying to so to me, anyway. First thing hs tells me is that juries are 3 weeks away and then, he goes through me music and changes each and every on of my bowings. HEllo! Not that I'm ever going to sound particulary good, but I just finished learning the last bleeping set. Now, in addition to writing my stupid cadenza, I have to basically relearn the piece. It's so good that I don't possess homicidal tendencies.

Thinking I should go home at some point and take a nap. Tonight is going to be long, and I just found out that JOhn will be sitting in the audience. No pressure there, it's just that his neice is the freaking STAR of the show. UGGH! Have to stick around for the noon recital, maybe then I'll run home and sleep before the sectional. I'd skip it if I could, but JOhn knows I'm here. What the hell possessed me to major in music? At this point, I'd rather major in accounting.

Mom wants me over at the house at freaking 7 Am on thursday to help her with stuff. What's the point of having a holiday if you can't even sleep in? And I'm supposed to go with Dad to deliver baskets or something soemtime this week, too. I really need to work on saying "no". My life would be so much easier if I were only a little more selfish. Joyce called me at work yesterday about playing Messiah sometime in December. Of course I said yes, because there are no other cello players. Damn me.

Wish I had money to get coffee or something. Can't even wake up enough to type. Listened to Mahler last night until I fell asleep. Man, those were some crazy dreams.

On the up side, I got part of an ending worked out for my story. I was so uninspired that I fixed what I had of it and posted it on ff.net. I love that site. Within a day I had 10 reviews and lots of encouragement. Now all I need to do is sit down and has out the story. Lots of ideas rrunning around in my head, some of them more plausible than others, a few that are brilliant, if I can figure out how to work them it. God, I love playomg with characters. I makes me feel like God. Hmm, I think I'll make her suffer for a while. Emotional conflict is always good.

Cammi just got me the music for her quartet this orning. Should probably look at it sometime. DOesn't look too bad, but the key's a little tricky, and the tempi are very icky. HEy, I rhymed.

Found a sneaky little hint to the next book. It's all of seven letters long and will probably drive me nuts until February.
-Death, Darkness, Apprenticeship, Misinformatin, Children, Family Ties, Assination, Fire, and Suicide- The last one kind of gets to me. Please play nice, Ms. Cunningham? Please?

Quote of the Day- "Where there is life, there is hope" F. Nietzche.



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