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Episode II Aftermath...

Thought that since I was at work I might as well check me e-mail. Nothing important.
Ep II was...
Standing in line wasn't so bad. We were 2/3 of the way towards the back, but we still got great seats. And it was fun. I like people watching, and some of them were rather interesting. What was interesting was how few of them were dressed up. But, they probably went to the midnight screenings. No, it was mostly amatuers and closet fans this morning, though there was the occasional Padawan wandering around.
The movie was...
I don't know why I have such a hard time describing it. There were parts of it I really liked. The CG stuff was amazing. All the backgrounds and world creation was incredible. I wanna live on a planet like Geonosis. All that water. And the cool beasties.
I loved Yoda. In the interest of not spoiling it for anyone, I won't elaborate just yet, but the minute he first appeared in front of Dooku, there was applause. And it was SO justified.
What is it with the arm thing? Hardly anyone made it through without at least one limb seared off. Must be a lightsaber thing.
I liked Obi much better than in the first movie, though I still think he looks like a pansy in the Jesus hairdo and beard. Reminds me a little too much of Liam Neeson, who happened to look much better than Ewan McGreggor. But once the new look settled in, Obi's character kind of grew on me. He has a couple of good lines. Though I came away feeling pretty much the same as I did after the first movie. I dislike the character. I feel sorry for him, but he is ultimately responsible for Vader in the first place. And in this movie, it shows. I think the problem is that he screwed up raising Anakin. He was promoted WAY early to Master, and then took charge of Anakin. I hate to say it, but he just wasn't a very good master. It shows in the later movies, when he passes off Luke to Yoda. For all that he was a decent Jedi, he didn't do a very good job of mentoring. I mean, Anakin blows him off at every turn, and he doesn't even blink. Maybe if the kid had gotten a good smack on a regular basis he would have learned.
Okay, I'm better. I swear.
Anyway, have to go sleep now. Must go to work tonight. Only four more days. Only four more days....



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