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Getting cooler. Not really cold, yet, but getting towards sweatshirt weather. Still flipflop weather, but then I could wear sandals up until the day it snows, and maybe even then, if it's a dry snow. Nevada climate makes me happy just about all the time it's not summer. Or twenty below.

This semester's classes are going along. Not that they're going nicely, mind you, or that I know where they're going, but... I'm still reaching for an A in all of them, but for calculus and chemistry it's turning into quite a stretch. It's hard to know where I am in calc since my comprehension level oscillates nearly every day. Did I understand the homework I did? Nope. Did I understand the lecture? Yes, mostly, I think. Can I do tonight's homework? Yes, until I really, really can't. It's a bit disheartening to get my homework back with a giant "NO!" (with the exclamation mark) written next to almost every question. But for all that I'm doing okay on the quizzes. It's kind of confusing. And amusing because this class is pretty vocal when they're all confused. Not in a mean snarky way or anything, though.

Chemistry is hard only in the sense that I have to fit it in around calc homework and there's enough busy work assigned in chem that I can't really process the concepts because I spend a lot of time doing the worksheets instead of learning the concepts. Also? It's really hard to care about anything at 8am. Which may be why I've relapsed back to coffee.

I'm taking some time off from the orchestra so as to retain the sanity I still possess, but they have a concert coming up. I hear the cello section is up to twelve people, so I doubt they'll really miss me.



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