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While this huge file spools to the HP, I thought I'd take the time for a rant or two...
Work. It has it's moments. But lately, they've been far and few between. I think it started when the new manager took over. I was still working days then, and she seemed to dislike me from day one. Not that she could do anything about it, since I've been at this store since '98. She used to manage the South store, but made too many enemies and transferred up here. You know the type, spouting nothing but sychophantic hypocrisy all day long when she never even balances on the days she bothers to count down her till at all.
And that was bad, but the store pretty much stayed the way it was. This was before the "restructuring", when it was decided that we were to do everything in Express. Then two things happened simultaneously. Restructuring, and her becoming pregnant. Which meant, respectively, that even though we weren't actually staffing any more people in Express, twice as many customers were going out there. Due times behind the counter went from same day to at least 24 hours, which made for some very pissed customers. And at the same time we were dealing with this, we had to deal with her horrible mood swings; hormonal changes being what they were. The two months she took off for maternity leave were the best months yet.
Now, whilst all of this was happenning, we went from a staff of 35 to where we are now, right about 20, due in large part to her mood swings and preference for her "clique", which I was never a part of. And all the time our sales were going through the roof. In the beginning, overtime was very bad, but then last month, even with 250+ hours of OT, our payroll was only about 16%. Our goal is anything below 19%. So evertone's stressed out, short-tempered, and jobs are backing up. Day shift is tolerable, but grave not only does it's work, it does a large part of swing's, as well. And then WE get counseled because jobs are late.
So, I transferred to grave because I couldn't stand working days anymore. We're in downtown, the main store of the two in the city, and freaky customers are the norm here, not the exception. Grave was better, until it got swamped with work that was impossible for ten people to get done, let alone two.
Back when I worked days, I was the PC on the weekends. And since I was the only one that could, I had to do the dailies, too. Now that I work nights, I have to stay 9-10 hours to do the damn thing. I'm not a supervisor. I'm not a manager. I'm not getting paid to do all this extra stuff. And because of the way we all got screwed on the last review, I make 1 cent more an hour than the other grave coworkers. It's not even worth it.
Take today, for instance. I left on time Friday morning. I was on one of the PC's writing an English paper when I dragged back to do some oversize that were taken for today even though no one has been in the department since Wednesday. I end up working from 8 to 2:30, when I left to sleep because I had to be back at 11 Friday night. I don't mind the occasional long shift, but fifteen hours is verging on ridicilous. The lack of organization here is astounding.
Oh, hey, another job mod came in. Gotta go,


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May. 4th, 2002 10:57 am (UTC)
Yeah...know how you feel, in a way. Glad I left Kinko's though, it's just hell now. You're not a coworker, you're a faceless drone they're trying to squeeze as much work out of before you go insane and start shooting people with a shotgun.
May. 5th, 2002 09:32 am (UTC)
Theresa, get out of there. There has got to be a better place for you to work. If you're worried about applying and resumes and all that - that's what my office at UNR does. At least think about it. Start dropping resumes. It can't hurt.
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