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Well, the big Star Wars convention is this weekend in Indianapolis. I considered going, but the prevailing theme this year seemed to center around EpII, which I actually don't care that much about. At any rate, there was apparrently a NJO talk given b y some authors and the main series editor, so there are a few new triviatas I learned.
"A quick report from the New Jedi Order talk that took place earlier today at Celebration II. Inattendance were Aaron Allston, James Luceno, R.A. Salvatore, Troy D e nning, Sue Rostini, and Shelly Shapiro. Here are the highlights of what was mentioned:"
-James Luceno will be writing the last (and 19th) book in the New Jedi Order series. It willl be titled "The Unifying Force".
If that isn't a Jacen book, I'll eat it.
-It was asked if Boba Fett would appear in the New Jedi Order series, to which the reply was "The series isn't finished." Expect a return of Fett at some point.
Now I would pay good money to see that. Fett vs. the Yuuzhan Vong.
-There wil l be TWO Timothy Zahn novels in the future.
Allready knew that. Unfortunately, they're both prequel novels.
-The New Jedi Order will be finished in 2003, and the Ballantine license will be up in 2005.
Knew it wasn't going to last forever. But, if the licensce is up, it means someone else can pick it up and write more.
-Expect Tenel Ka to return.
For her death scene,if precedent stays true.
-Expect the Expanded Universe to show Luke and Leia learn about Anakin and Padme. This will probbably be after Episode III before it happens.
Damn. That means Leia really is a princess.
-James Luceno said he got the name "Vergere" from a French term for a garden. Talk about trivia. :)
And here I thought it was a reference to the whole vergence thing Anakin represented.
-Part of the reason Anakin was killed was because of his name. Having both an Anakin Solo and an Anakin Skywalker was thought to be confusing.
Not to anyone with half a brain. Besides, the whole Padme-Amidala-Nabe rrie-Naboo thing is a lot worse, and they didn't kill her. AND it's two different eras, anyway. It's not like they were living at the same time. If that's the underlying factor that contributed to the decision to kill Anakin, I really fear for the rest of the series. Wouldn't Ben be next, since there are more than one Ben?


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May. 5th, 2002 09:27 am (UTC)
So - wish you'd decided to go?

1). Agreed. Anything with Unifying in the title has to refer to that little twerp.
2). The Yuuzhan Vong will win. If nothing else, they outnumber him, and he's gotta be getting a little older by now.
3).&4). 'K. Whatever.
4). Which one's Tenal Ka again? (j/k - but she's now regent - how will that work for the whole Hapes things?)
5). 'K. Whatever. Thought they already knew.
6). Told you it sounded French. That means that it is ver-jzer. And uh, what's vergence?
7). Agreed. And I thought the symbolism worked well, too.

btw - creepy picture. Who's eye is that?
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