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Well, once again I feel like I've wasted my days off. At least I'll get a break from school soon. Much as I love having something to look foward to other than work, I think that the lack of sleep has been getting to me. And it's not just lack of sleep, it's that I never sleep at the same time, so I end up feeling tired and disoriented even when I've managed to sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up this morning, and I honestly didn't know if it was 3:36 AM or PM. I had to get up and look out the window to tell. And that scares me. There was a point in my life where I didn't need a clock, I could usually tell within about five minutes what times it was. It really freaked my parents out. But then, there was also a time when I didn't need to write stuff down to remember it. I mean, I managed to juggle ROTC, three orchestras, and other stuff and never forget anything. Now, I have trouble remembering simple things like dentist appointments. God help me if I forgot anything else, because I wouldn't even know.
A cool thing happened on Monday night. I was in the band room, unpacking my 'cello when I ran across Mr. Gribbon. He was AL's teacher one summer, and for one year. He's a cool guy, plays horn and teaches around Reno. Anyway, he remembered me from the one summer when I had to drive Al to Billinghurst very day, and rather than go all the way up there and have to come back, I just stayed and helped out. It was a summer strings class, and the poor man dodn't know anything about string instruments. At any rate, he remembered me and he asked me Monday night if I would consider being his aide again, only officially. That is, of course, highly dependent on whethere there IS a class this summer, considering how badly the school boards hacked and slashed away at the music program. According to them, it was the most "obvious solution" to the fact that they have even less money than they thought they did. So, no more fith-grade strings, greatly reduced middle school strings, and the high school programs are fast looming on the horizon. But they're keeping varsity and jv and every single sports program, as well as adding frosh soccor to the high schools. God, sometimes I really hate life. Soon, all the concert halls will be renovated into sports arenas. Heck, why not just bow to inevitable and replace all those "excessive" music programs with gambling classes? Train 'em early, start 'em early. Culture is highly overrated, anyway.
Sorry, it's just that I'm really pissed at this. I went to two of the "public forum" meetings they had, not that anything that happened there mattered anyway. It was obvious from the moment I walked in the door that those people had already made up their minds. I listened to person after person speak up (they each got five minutes) and three of the boards members actually had the gall to yawn. Who cares that the music teachers, most of whom are already less than full-time, would be out of a job? Who cares that an entire age group is going to go through public education (now THERES an oxymoron if I ever heard one) and learn nothing more than what's on the proficiency tests? God, if there hadn't been orchestra in school, I honestly don't think I would have cared enough to stay in it. But no, if it isn't in a book, it isn't important. They also cut the SHARE programs. And will anyone be surprised that Nevada's rate of teen pregnancy (allready one of the highest in the nation) shoots through the roof?
Fooey. If I ever have kids, I'm getting them in a charter school.


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May. 1st, 2002 04:23 pm (UTC)
I pray for the future of humanity. They're cutting music programs to save money, although it seems to me that all they're paying for is the teachers' salary and maybe the music (although most of the music I ever saw was photocopied, since they couldn't afford enough for the class). The kids pay for their own instruments, at least, everyone I knew paid for their own.

Now, let's compare that to the cost of sports. Equipment, uniforms, stadiums, gyms, fields, care and cleaning for the stadiums, gyms and fields, instructor's salaries, advertising for the games... We seem to have a warped view of "saving money."

And committees never listen to anyone who speaks. They've made up their minds before they ever came into the meeting and they're not going to change them, no matter how many hundreds of people come to oppose them. >.< Remember the campus school police?

But cutting the SHARE program... That's the worst thing they can do. Parents don't want to talk to their kids about stuff like that, and private schools don't have the SHARE program on principal alone. *sighs and fears more for humanity*
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