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Today I did Random Household Psuedo-Cleaning* all morning because I could not face doing any more English homework#.  Then I got an e-mail from the library that my holds were in and I remembered that the eight things I'd checked out were going to be overdue tomorrow$.  So that gave me a good(er) reason to put off English, at least long enough to zip by the library.  And then Lyssa texted me that I should go buy books for her from her work, so how could I say no to helping out a friend1?   I found a paperback copy of a book about Krakatoa2 that I love, an obvious sign that my good deed had been approved of by Senior Management.  And since I was now firmly In Town, I might as well finish some other errands.  Which took me to across the parking lot from Zephyr Books, at which point I gave up all pretense of studious diligence.  I left a hour later3 with three books and a hazy memory of greeting the owner and committing to playing4 for a Victorian tea party5 in November.  Thus, having stalled any remaining momentum, I went to visit kittens6. I was supposed to go grocery shopping on the way home, but the stack of books on my passenger seat effectively quelled that impulse.  Thus dinner was what happened to be towards the front of the freezer that could be thawed and cooked in time for, well, dinner7. The books are still in the car, and they'll stay there until I finish writing my equally politely inane response8 to the selected inane reading9 from the quietly unremarkable textbook10 chosen for English.

Last night I went to the philharmonic's season opener. Liked the saltarello in Roman Carnival Overture. Was surprised at how much I enjoyed Sibelius's d minor violin concerto. I'm guessing that my musical tastes have somewhat expanded since the last Sibelius I heard. The soloist was disgustingly marvelous. Brahms' second symphony took up the second half. Not bad, though he did steal an awful lot of the slow melodic stuff from his piano waltzes. Or the other way around. The orchestra got a bit shaky in the last movement; there were at least two spots where sections jumped in a fraction of a second early after the universal rests. I found Jackson's style of conducting a bit disjointed - she seems to be of the "expression over tempo" school to the point that there were times I couldn't distinguish the downbeat from the up, but that's not necessarily a sin. Though given the ambitiously modern music of the program for the rest of the season, it could be a problem.

* Shuffling the clutter from one place to another.
# Large chunks of horribly tedious grammar drill.
$  .25 per item/day adds up at a truly terrifying rate
1 To be fair, she did qualify that by adding "unless you're busy"
2 The Day the World Exploded - is that a great title or what?
3 Could have been longer.
4 As part of a quartet, hopefully.
5 The original kind of tea party.
6 Lyssa lives there, too.
7 Leftover penne primavera, in case you were wondering
8 Which show remarkable similarity to an essay, including MLA formatting.
9 "How to Operate a Shower Curtain"
10 The Brief Bedford Reader


Sep. 20th, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
1) thanks again. =) That was a bright spot in a rotten week. The stress level has transformed me and all my co-workers into crocodiles, inclined to snap at anything that moves. O_o



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