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Sep. 11th, 2010

The full album is here.

Friday was my annual pilgrimage to the balloon races. I know it's not all that new, but I still really like all the colors. Even though the morning started off with some lady ramming me in the knees with her baby-and-the-kitchen-sink vehicle which couldn't possibly have been a stroller because she must have gone through multiple gates, all of which had HUGE, GLOW IN THE DARK SIGNS that strollers weren't supposed to go any further. Grrr. How can it be that one needs a license to drive but not to breed?

This morning I went out to the airport here in Stead to help Dad set up the trailer for the Kiwanis group. I was volunteered to work the booth this week, not sure what days. Whatever works, I suppose.

Ooh, and I finally caught the squirrel I've been cursing at for weeks. I named it Rodney, and then I drove it over to Red Rock and let it go. Rodney was quite canny, and I had to go through several kinds of bait before it went in the trap. Rodney screamed bloody murder. All the way there. A screaming squirrel is a uniquely horrible sound I cannot accurately describe but will henceforth never forget.

And now I will go back to factoring polynomials because I had pop tarts for the first time in years and let me tell you, there is a serious amount of sugar in them and I am not quite bouncing off the ceiling but only because I can bounce on my balance ball while doing algebra while listening to my entire iTunes library set on shuffle and I have a lot of bouncy music.



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