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The tax man cometh.....

Well, I had to swing by home this morning to pick up my tax return and mail it off. Much better than last year, only $44. Though my parents got a huge refund. *sniff* Anyway, Mom had to take the truck into the shop, ao she was all set to walk to work. Thi s was before it started snowing. So, being the kind and generous person that I am - shut up, peanut gallery - I gave her a ride to work. It was okay, because I was kind of curious about payroll, which Erin is doing today. 95 hours! 15 hours of overtime! And if the Blue Bantha hadn't died, I might still have more money. But still, 95 hours. It makes sense, but if someone asks me to stay overtime again, I'm just going to laugh. The store managed to rack up over a hundred hours of overtime together. If that doesn't indicate the need to hire, I don't know what would.
Got to go to visit Gramps this weekend. Rue was very nice to drive down, since I still don't trust the Blue Bantha to long drives. It was fun, a great day, the traffic wasn't bad, and it was the first time I'd seen my grandfather since, God, last year. I think this summer I might go down there for a few days, since he needs help cleaning out the attic.
Okay, does anyone else but me object to the weather. I mean, isn't it supposed to be spring? What's with the snow? How am I supposed to christen the Blue Bantha in with a road trip when it's snowing?
Asked my brother about getting a CD player in the Bantha. I figured that since he's doing the same thing in the Bronco, he might know a little more than me. He did. If he's agreeable, we're going to shop around on Saturday. He thinks I can get a decent player, but the problems start with my speakers. They might be too old to support a player, so I might have to replace those, too. Which might be slig htly more expensive. But, hey, it would be nice to have some form of music on those long trips. Singing acapella gets a little old, especially when I don't know a whole lot of lyrics and end up making them up. Rue's already heard my Freehand song, for whi ch I am eternally sorry.
Has anyone seen my sanity? I think I dropped it a while back..



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