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And I am so happy that it did. It's been really, really awful here for close to a month. Most days our air quality has actually sucked worse than L.A. I swear the smoke has evolved into something from a horror movie. Just nonstop. I know the firefighters are working their asses off, but at the same time I just want to see the sky again. Maybe the mountains, too? Or at least Peavine.

Of course, tonight was our Artown concert, our outdoors Artown concert. So, karma kinda balanced. Strangest weather at work, one minute smoky smog, the next BAM! have some downpour. Had enough? What about HAIL! And, gosh, did you leave your car windows down? Sucks to be you. Still worth the rain, though.

Sometime between lunch on Saturday and dinner on Sunday I managed to leave my phone behind. I don't know where or when, but suffice to say it wasn't at home or in the car. So, if you want me to call you, or if you called me (sorry!) please comment here (I'll screen the comments) and leave me a blurb or your number, because I don't have anyone's number written down. And if you screen your calls, that would be me calling from a 348-XXXX number.

I am going Wednesday night to see Andrew Bird. Should be a good show. Or it could suck. But you're welcome to join me.

This weekend I'm hitting Worldfest up at the Grass Vally Fairgrounds. I've never been there before, but a mess of good groups are playing, so we'll see.

I haven't posted a lot lately because I just haven't done a whole lot. I'm trying not to do a lot of driving because just going from work to home now costs around $200 a month. I'm seriously looking at the bus, except that it's three transfers and nearly an hour each way, so not so convenient at this time. But, I may have to go that route eventually.

Gas being what it is, I've kinda stopped buying books or music; I've started using the county library more. They have a decent CD collection, surprisingly esoteric. I've been craving non-fiction lately as well. I think they lady at the counter knows me by name now. Found a neat book blog. I haven't had time to really enter anything, but it's a neat idea.



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