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A day in the life...

Just failed a music history quiz. I really hate that class. The teacher won't give you the points unless everything is spelled eactly right. You try spelling Tchaikovsky...err, or seomthing like that. The freaking quiz was like ten pages long. I managed to get through all of the short answer and definitions, but I only got three of the five essays done before time ran out. Plus I missed the whole formalism one completely.

Going to go visit Bill later today, poor guy has appendicitus. I hope he get the thing out and gets better. Being sick is no fun, and neither is recovering from surgery.

Going to go over to Mom's after this and show Grams how to use the oven. (Seriously) Mom said she reset the clock five times yesterday. Bring some laundry with me, maybe a 'cello or two. Need to finish my concerto stuff. Juries 28 days away. Wonder which movement he'll make me play. Knowing my luck, the third.

And now for some bitching about orshestra. It seems that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, he was going to cancell orchestra. Now, it turns out that the entire 'cello section has to show up, but everyone else gets to go home. AND he's letting John lead it. Yippee. Which means that I can't just fade into the back and become invisible. I really wish I had plans to leave on that Tuesday. Unfortunalety, I'm not going anywhere.

Got the newest edition of the six Bach suites. Gives me something to practice over break. The best thing about it is they came with no bowings whatsoever. So I don't have to write new bowings over old ones, which is good, because no two 'cellists ever bow Bach the same way. Plus, it has all the original turns and trills.

This weekend is going to suck. Starting Friday, I start rehearsal for the musical. Friday, Saturday nights, a performance on Sunday. Then a concert on Monday for TMCC, then another two performances the following Friday and Saturday. Then UNR concert, which leads right up to juries in December. Guess I'll have to forego sleeping for the remainder of the semester.

Gotta go entertain my grandmother.



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