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Well, hey. Nothing like strep to improve your outlook on life. Or something. Have spent today feeling like a horribly failed sword swallower. Saw Fargo. Strange movie. Reminded me just how squeamish gore makes me. Also? I still don't get why managing to say forty different expletives in ten seconds makes a movie good. And though I liked Marge, she didn't have enough screen time to merit an Oscar. Not as bad as Judi Dench's gimme, but still...

Read Fury. I am so glad that it didn't suck. Also? For the first time, it wasn't Allston's haberdashery humor that made me happy, though of course it never hurts. Am actually not dreading Revelation as much, despite it being Traviss' turn. No overly gooey cute kid stuff, some good characterizations, and even Cardboard had his two dimensional moments. Getting the crap kicked out of him helped there. Or I could be vindictive. Some very promising Jaina stuff, though I'm one of the ten people who care enough to be happy. But then, she had not only dialogue but also action scenes in a series where the only strong female characters are either dead, evil, or pining. Heh. For the fjords. However you spell it. Jacen, still obliviously Vader. The good news is that, finally, pretty much everyone is over him now. Except for a certain I-miss-my-potted-plant-if-I-could-only-see-him addict.

And now, I shall dose myself up to my nostrils (actually, to just above my nostrils) and attempt to sleep so as not to be too stupid tomorrow.

Buona serata, miei amici.


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Nov. 29th, 2007 07:55 am (UTC)
*heaves a sigh for Cardboard*

... btw, I finally finished Betrayal! It only took me two months! Bloodlines went swiftly enough, although I admit to skimming some of the Jacen stuff, and Tempest was, er, flipped through until Cardboard appeared. So I need to actually, well, read it properly now, i suspect.
Nov. 30th, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)
Stop being sick, damnit! And also, stop pining for the fjords. I really wish I had gotten the license plate holder that says "Have you driven a fjord lately" but it sold out...
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