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The origin of the Blue Bantha.

Yawn. Dropped by work to take Mom to lunch, so I thought I'd check mw e-mail and stuff before heading off to orchestra. Wishing I'd slept in a little since I won't get a chance to sleep until after film class tonight, when we might get our midterms back.
My car has been reborn. As of yesterday, it had a new liscense plate, a fishy to hang off my rear-view mirror, and a new name. It shall evermore be known as the Blue Bantha. I smogged it, renewed my registration, and even cleaned it out. Who knew that the whole time I'd been driving it there was a hacksaw and a hatchet behind the seat? Well, I left the hacksaw at Dad's since it looked like a walking advertisement for tetnus, but I left the hatchet it, and I turned the blade so it wasn't facing the passenger seat. Gave me quite a shock, though. I was getting rid of years worth of stuff and I picked up a box of Klenex and there was this nasty-looking edge. Got my heart beating jsut a little faster than normal.
I got off of work and went home to grab the required papers, but Mom in her infinite wisdom, had moved them, so I gave up on that and settled for cleaning my car in the meantime. By the time that was done, it was 10ish and i went home to change and then to find somewhere to get BB smogged. Tried the stupid Jiffy Lube down on Keystone and I'm not going back. I had to wait forever and the guy looked at me like I was crazy when I told him all I wanted was a smog check, which cost like $22. They charged me $22 to stick a pipe up my muffler.
Then went to the DMV *Express* at Old Town. Man, I've seen funeral processions that went faster than that line. Line was out the door, and there was only one (1) person at the desk. Apparrently, there was a lady in the back, but she stayed in the back until the rent-a-cop that had to stand there with us glaring at him finally went back and drug her out. Then, it went a little faster. Oh, a little tip for you all. If your registration is expired, you have to go there (not using the car) and get a permit to move so that you can drive the car there. I played up the idotic moron angle and told the lady I didn't know anything, and luckily she didn't give me another ticket. I normally detest acting stupid, but the situation merited it.
Then, once my ugly new plates were istalled, I went and got a happy steering wheel cover and then my fish, which has to share it's place of honor with my alien because I don't have a lot of things to hang stuff on in my car. Then I stuck some stickers, a couple of magnets and a little cute tree-thingie, and my car is now the Blue Bantha. I think I'm gonna make a bumper sticker at work.


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Apr. 10th, 2002 03:24 am (UTC)
You got a fishie? What kinda fishie? Izzat like my fishie??? - rue
Apr. 10th, 2002 03:27 am (UTC)
I *told* you it was illegal to even drive your car to the DMV with the Reg expired. I *did* tell you. Silly. - ruebert
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