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Having an interesting week so far. My phone is undead aka zombie aka it selectively works, I was apparently dropped from the one TMCC class that I won't be able to get back into (limited to 10 enrolled), and my car may or may not need a new timing belt like, tomorrow.

Despite that, I'm actually not in a bad mood. I'm hot and tired, done with work, and just generally not in the mood to be social, but none of this seems to be upsetting to me. Ergo, I'm okay.

Anywho, saw this article on the NY times, thought it was worth a laugh.

“We are indeed quite bad,” the principal bassoonist admitted. The standard varies from player to player, he added, noting that he himself had passed Grade IV, the British examination level normally taken by schoolchildren around age 12.

“But I have trouble with C sharps — a design fault of the instrument, I think — which means I don’t play them,” he said. “And some of our members are really very challenged. We have one dire cellist who has the names of the strings written on his bridge. Otherwise he can’t remember what they are.”

That last line really kills me. I think I want to rename my journal "One Dire Cellist". You just don't see people using dire lately, and that's a shame. Dire. Dire dire dire. It just sounds fun. And dire.

Vacation was wunnerful. I took loads of pictures, nearly enough to fill up a dvd, and I may actually get around to posting some of them. Someday.

I'm arguing with myself (practical vs. emotional, one night only, sunday Sunday SUNDAY!) over whether I should go to see Enter The Haggis in Vegas in October. I seriously love this band, but it's in Vegas, which is either a hellishly long drive (and three tanks of gas one way) or a short, expensive flight. Then again, I hardly ever go see bands, and there are also a bunch of other performers I know about. Also, it's Vegas, and I've never really been there long enough to see it. (No, that bus ride with cheerleaders to the state football championship game doesn't count. 20 hours on a bus with an absolute platoon of high school cheerleaders in a 24 hour period is something a lot like hell, only with cheerleaders.) So, I'm still trying to talk myself into out of into out of it.

And that's all I can think of right now. Oh, right. If anyone knows of any good, solid 9ish to 5ish office jobs, let me know. I have a relative who just moved up here and needs a job like that asap. She's smart, quick , and has lots of experience.

Buona sera, i miei amici.



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Aug. 27th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC)
I doth live in Vegas y'know...I'll buy you a drink.
Aug. 27th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
Poor Mark is practically the only employee left at CompUSA. If your relative can stand retail she can try for that. No computer knowledge needed-- Mark said the job is mainly "to keep customers away from me."

Can you imagine working practically alone at a computer store? Seventh level of hell much? O_o
Aug. 27th, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC)
"I can’t pretend that no one ever plays deliberately badly. It’s usually the trumpets, and they make me angry when they do."

*Snicker* I knew it.

Go to Vegas. Don't you have relatives there anyway?
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