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May. 28th, 2007

Am back from my annual retreat. This year was especially good, as there weren't any tent-destroying three day blizzards. Warm and sunny all the way. Though, there was so little water flowing that it felt like the end of July instead of the beginning of May. I don't remember ever seeing it as dry up there as it was this year. And it shouldn't have been as hot as it was this soon, not at 7500 feet. Go global warming.

Anyway, I only brought one book this time, and I don't think I got more than a third of the way through it. This is rather unusual for me, as I tend to gobble them down when camping. We got there late Thursday afternoon, and had about enough time to unload and set up before the sun went down. Then Friday we went on a ride to the top of the mountain range, where the road ends. Twas fun, though I had forgotten how rough the scrambler rides over any sort of rocky terrain. When I got back to camp, Jen had arrived, so we went for a stroll down the highway. I also managed to burn the crap out of my face despite religious doses of sunscreen. We set up the tents a good distance from the main camp, and then I crashed. Saturday morning we went for a pleasant hike up a road we had spotted on our walk from the day before. As it turned out, the road never quite leveled out from the initial steep start. We eventually gave up on it and clambered up a nearby hill to a rockface with a great view of the valley. We got back to the camp, Jen packed up and left, and I spent a lazy afternoon reading and playing with the cats. Sunday I packed up the camera, commandeered Dad's quad, and rode to the top again, this time stopping at various places to shoot. On the way back down, I met the others, and we rode over the hills to the fish hatchery. We had lunch, and then Dad and Rob and I played around a while with the trails. I hadn't ridden that side of the range before, and it was fun, though there was a drainpipe that was well and determined to bounce me into a tree. Anyway, we barely beat the sun hope, and I once again crashed. Today we packed up and came home. I stuck in Pan's Labryinth while folding clothes, and was promptly depressed. That movie is so twisted. So, here I am, still slightly sunburnt and completely worn out. One more sucessful behind me.

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