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Ahh, off work at last. Sally wanted me to stay, but I think that when I looked at her, something in my glare made her pause and rethink her request. It's not like there aren't bodies here today, Brandon and Diane are both coming in in addition to the regu lar crew. There IS a lot of work in the store, and it IS bad, but you know what? I'm not even sympathetic enough to care anymore. The Powers That Be knew that this job was coming in a month ago. If they couldn't plan for this huge job in a month, t here's really nothing for me to be sorry about. Just like I'm not going to work anymore double shifts simply because Diane refuses to hire anyone. And the next time someone on day shift asks me why nothing got done, I'm going to turn them in the general d irection of Diane and give em a good, swift kick to help them on their way.
Screw this. I'm not going to give myself an ulcer because my boss is too stupid to know that we're short-staffed. I told her a month ago that this would happen, that people would get stressed and start snapping at each other like sharks in bloody water, but she told me I was being, among other things, pessimistic. It's just a job, for God's sake. It's not a life or death situation. And if I'm not even treated as anything more that a trained monkey, why should I go out of my way? How can we hit goal if everyone is consistently getting overtime?
"Work harder, take more" is not a solution. Just like ignoring people will make them go away isn't a realistic concept.
Yeah, I'm kind of procrastinating going home. I think it's 'cause I finished the book Rue lent to me and I don't really have much else to do, or that I want to do. There's always something to do. Really gotta change my strings. They came in last week, but I haven't had the time or motivation to put them on, 'cause it takes a good hour and then I'd be horribly out of tune for a while while they stretched. Micah complains because he has to change his guitar strings more than I do, but a set of guitar strings only costs $20 or so, which is a LOT less than a decent set of cello strings. I was real ly looking foward to the Jargar ones, but I can't even get them on backorder because their having problems at the shop in Germany where they make 'em. Grrr. So, I had to pick something else. And the darn website doesn't have a lot in the way of description, so I ended up picking the strings that seemed to be made of the same components, though I'm kind of curious to see how the gold A string will sound. If it's bright, then I'm in trouble. Also, by the piture of the wrapper. Funny, but it's worked in the past. Usually, the more eclectic the wrapper is, the better the string. Except for those aweful strings that sound like a guitar gone wrong. *shudder*
Uh-oh, Sally's looking at me, and there's something about that look that suggests that I'd better make myself scarce before I get myself "volunteered" for something.
See ya later..



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