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Ahoy, an update!

Still not dead. Not quite alive at the moment - a headcold came out of nowhere this afternoon and BAM with the sinus ache and general yuckyness. But, at least all I have to do tomorrow is work, and then I can go home and stay there all evening. This exites me muchly as generally Mondays are my suckiest night class wise. Actually, Mondays are just generally sucky.

Anyway, had a fun weekend. Dixie's show on Friday night was quite eclectically entertaining. I sat right behind her old voice teacher, who recognized me from three years ago at UNR, not from the two reharsals in which I sat ten feet away from her last week. It was nice to get out of the house for at least one night to do something social.

Slept until nine Saturday morning to make up for Friday. Then I generally puttered around with cleaning and stuff and went to Mom's for dinner and a movie. Had to bring a movie for the parents to watch, which is rather tricky. Dad dislikes plot as he gets lost easily, but Mom hates random explosion-filled cinema. Brought Reign of Fire as a compromise. More on the action end, but she was suitably entertained by Christian Bale not to care too much, though she did enjoy ripping open the inevitable plot holes inherent in most post-apocalyptic works.

Today I read Battle Royale, which was more dystopic than apocalyptic. If there was ever a book made to be an anime series, this would be it. Also, having finished the book, I find I have not the slightest interest in watching the movie or the series.. I got way too grossed out on the gory stuff that pretty much fills the book. I also had a horrible time remembering who was who, what with the large number of dramatis personae with very similar names. Not that it mattered much, as they all died anyway. Rue probably thought I was crazy when I asked to borrow it seeing as how every time we go see a movie I'm usually the one with her hands over her eyes anytime something even remotely gross happens. Hell, the Nothing from the Neverending Story still scares the crap out of me.

Anyway, off to bed. I've been leaving my bedroom window open about an inch because the rain smells so nice and the humidity is a nice treat when you live in the desert. It really doesn't get that cold. Though it isn't cat-shaving weather yet, either.



Feb. 19th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
Don't work too hard! I can't even imagine watching Reign of Fire with your mom... I had a hard enough time watching it with my own brain.



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