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Whaddya mean, "file not found"? It's sitting right there on the desktop. Urrgh! As much as I like Macs, there are somet times when I really, really want to perpetrate some violence on them. And many, many other things, as well. Apparrently, I have managed to convince my co-workers that I do not require sleep. In the last three days, I've racked up almost enough overtime as normal hours.
Lessee, it all started Thursday morning when I was told to come in that afternoon for a few hours. Fine, all right, not a problem. I managed to catch about two hours of sleep, then Rue and I went back and spun coils for a few hours. Then I had to come back later (after a yummy dinner and a really big margarita) for my normal shift at 11.30 that night. Oaky, you say, that's not too bad. And it wouldn't have been so bad if I had left Friday morning.
Guess what?
I ended up working from 11:30 Thursday night until 2:30 Friday after noon. Funny, I thought that we weren't going to take any more DC. But Friday, Kerry came in and FREAKED at how much OS CLR and other fun stuff was due. And seeing how Brandon was delivery, guess who got stuck with all of it?
Wow, good guess.
Sleep? I don't NEED to sleep, though it would be nice to get more than three hours at a time. By the time I fell asleep Friday, it was five.
I'm about to write my own version of a "Dear Kerry" letter. Probably get written up for it, if the log the other day is any indication. Even though I didn't actually write it, and it wasn't as much negative as it was sarcastic. But I was basically told to do my job, no excuse. Which is sad, because there are somre quite valid reasons why that isn't happenning.
Gotta go, must hand-fold lots of stff as no one has bother to fix the booklet folder.



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