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Okay, that was a bit of a cliffie back there. Which I didn't think about at the time, so here's a little more, and this time I'll have time to explain.

My parents took the quads out to Sand Mountain on Sunday, along with Chrissy and Al, and Erin and Rob. They had all been riding together, thank goodness, until Dad, Al, Chrissy and Rob went off to take a ride the the top while Mom and Erin rode around the bottom. At the top, they had stopped at the edge of a bowl, and then Dad started to go down a steep part slowly. Unfortunately, he went down at the wrong angle, way too shallowly. At some point, he felt like he was going to tip, so he put his foot down. And while this works well on bicycles and the such, it isn't such a great idea on larger, heavier machines. So, as he was still going downhill, when he put his foot down, the machine kept rolling foward and the back tire caught his leg, rotating it and yanking him off the machine. Luckily, he did not get run over, and the ATV didn't tip onto him. He did rip part of the plastic off the machine along with some bolts, said bolts making serious gouges in his leg.

So, at this point, Dad was on the ground, the ATV was still rolling downhill, and Al was still trying to figure out what happened, because Dad hadn't ever picked up any speed, and as Al put it, at first dad looked like he was joking around. Anyway, Dad was convinced his leg was broken, as were Al and Rob. They splinted it with duct tape and tiedowns and two-by-fours, stuck Dad on the ATV with Al standing on the footboard steering, and got him down the dune. Mom, during all of this, had ridden back to the truck, hopped in the truck and drove out to the callbox by the highway, where she called for Careflight because Dad was going shocky, not a good thing given his age and chronic breathing problems. So, by the time they got Dad down the mountain and loaded him the back of a pickup and driven towards the highway, the helicopter was nearly there. They loaded him up and took off, and that's when Mom called me. It was only thirty minutes to Washoe, so by the time I got there, they'd already done x-rays and given him Vicodin, which made him white as a sheet. (Is there a trend on the stuff, or what?)

As it turned out, (despite what the EMTs thought) there was no break, although he looked pretty chewed up and they left him in a neck brace for nearly three hours. Eventually, they wrapped the whole leg in cotton and gave him a posterior cast from his, er, posterior, to his toes, set him up with crutches, and sent him home with a referrel to an orthopod, because it's likely there's some bad juju going on with his knee, but there was too much bruising and swelling to tell last night. Mom and them arrived around ten, and once he had pants, since they cut his jeans to ribbons, we were able to go.

So, we got him home a bit after midnight, and I crawled into bed sometime after one. My alarm went off at five, and I played hooky after work because by then I couldn't see straight, let alone function. I got about a two hour nap, which means I'm really awake now, to further confound my sleep schedule.

Anyway, sorry for the scare, and to those who called last night, yeah, no cell phones in the ER, so I'll get in touch tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for your concern.



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Sep. 26th, 2006 05:33 am (UTC)
Eeek. Ouch! Get some rest...
Sep. 26th, 2006 07:29 am (UTC)
*Hugs* Oh yeah and *Hugs* to your Dad and Mum. And you better be asleep right now while I'm typing this!
Sep. 27th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
Whoa.. Glad your dad's okay! Take care of yourselves over there!
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