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Sono stanca di morta...

...I came home from work, and meant to take a half hour nap, but ended up waking up right about the time of the downbeat for orchestra. Needless to say, there was much swearing and rushing around. I hate making stupid mistakes like that, because I'd rather not get a reputation for unreliability. And I know the conducter doesn't much care for me as it is, seeing as how when making the seating assignments, she stuck me in the last stand. That, and her general coolness towards me. Which, as it turns out, is really pretty sweet. I don't have to suffer sitting next to her child, who has the unique ability to incite me to a frothing, homicidal rage in an hour flat. And my stand partner is really nice, and I can actually hear myself when playing, which isn't always possible in the middle of the section. I take great pleasure in hitting every downbeat and tricky entrance while the two stands ahead of me miss the same notes.

Anyway, off to bed. Along with classes, I seem to have acquired a social life. Tomorrow I'm going to see The Black Dahlia with Erin and hopefully Rue right after work, then it's off to Jen's place for a housewarming thingie. Saturday will entails a sectional, then a meeting with my Italian class to hash out the details of a presentation due next week. Then I'll take the kitty to the vet for a blood test and referral to a teeth-cleaner, then home for a week's worth of home and housework. Oh, and my car's past due for an oil change. Sunday is Becca's shower, which I need to get a gift for, and then, depending on how late it is, I might drop in on the photography seminar/ master class/ critique I was invited to last week.

Eh, at least I'm not bored anymore.

Oh, and some of the best words to hear? "I have a check for you.." Dad, who's trustee to my uncle's estate, has been plodding through all the intricate steps required to distribute the estate. I still miss my uncle, but at least my latest visits to the dentist aren't going to max out my credit cards now. And there might be enough to finally get the bow I've been lusting after for an unhealthily long time.



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