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Sep. 4th, 2006

I'd really rather have another day off, but I work tomorrow. The good part is that this week starts the new shift schedule, so I won't be pulling double duty every single day all by myself. No doubt there will be some adjustment. and I'm looking foward to having Morgan to work with, but overall this is a good thing. I was a good ways down the path to a breakdown last week between work and class.

Class still fun, though I dropped my linguistics class one week in. I really wanted to take it, and I think I'll hold on to the textbooks, but it looked to be a crapload of work what with one paper and four essay quizzes a week. If I didn't have Russian, which though great is also a lot of work, I might have kept the linguistics class. I'm still planning on taking it, just not right now.

Took my brother out to dinner as it was his birthday. We went to La Strada in the Eldorado, which was excellent. Satisfied my canoli craving for the time being.

Balloon races this weekend. Anyone in the vicinity want to go with me? I think I'll do dawn patrol Saturday morning. Then the weekend after that is the air races, which I may or may not do depending on how buried I am by then. Pops is having their seating auditions soon, so I really should practice.

I had to go to Borders for a Russian-English dictionary (fat lot of good that did me, seeing as how I still can't read Cyrillic) so I picked up Bloodlines. Read most of it Saturday night. I liked it more than I thought I would. Karen Traviss has a different style than the other authors, and the other two books I've read were decent if forgetable. This one, though, she hit perfectly. She doesn't have quite the morbid humour of Denning, and stays away from Alston's one liners. She takes a rather detached journalistic perspective and then narrates from a very limited third person pespective. Which is good, because by this point even the most dense of readers will have noticed that Jacen is not right in the head. The plot was remarkably believable; tied into the current political situation today, which is where her background as a journalist came in handy. And she took a stand on Fett that appealed to me, and I am one of the people not terribly enamoured to him. She handled Jacen well, letting the character do what he needed to without trying to either vindicate or villify him. Not that there's much doubt at this point, but it was refreshing. I look foward to the fallout amongst the rabid Jacen fangirls.

Anyway, off to bed now.


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Sep. 5th, 2006 07:45 am (UTC)
Boba Fett = pwn
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