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Aug. 22nd, 2006

This week is not, thus far, going anywhere near according to plan.

I come back from vacation to find that they've switched my hours at work. Instead of 7-3, I'm on 9-5. Which would only be mildly annoying except that I have classes monday through thursday that start at 4 or 4:30. Yeah, not really going to happen.

Oh, and when I say we're monkey shit busy and incredibly understaffed, that's an understatement.

Mom managed to completly FUBAR her computer when installing Norton. I had to do a complete wipe and reinstall, which took me a good two hours and was rather stressful given that I know shit about how to work the backdoor of Windows XP. And of course it's my fault that she never did any backups and so lost all her files.

Then today I get in and on my break I get an email from PayPal. Actually, it's a receipt for the charge someone in England made that completely maxed out my credit card. Seeing as how I haven't used PayPal in over a year, PayPal labeled the charge as suspicious and froze my account, which then prevented me from logging in to file a complaint. After a twenty minute phone call with PayPal customer service, (and the woman was really very nice and quite helpful) that gets straightened out. I'll have to wait a day, but she assured me the money would be credited to my card.

Then I get off of work, and Mom calls me to say that Dad lost his job today. Well, not so much lost as the state of Nevada came in and shut the business down because the company was in debt up to its eyeballs due to poor management on the part of the new owners. Dad doesn't even know if he'll get paid for the last month's worth of commissions, which is all he gets since he's not salaried. My father will be sixty next February. He has had this job for close to thirty years. While he has excellent people skills and is very competant, he is sorely lacking in computer skills. He can't afford to retire, but what are his chances of getting hired at his age?

And that is my week thus far... If everything keeps trending in the same direction, I predict the apocalypse on friday.

Lyssa, forgive me. I haven't forgotten, it's just been krazy. I will try for tomorrow.

Rue, I'm going to go buy my books tomorrow after work. Wanna come? I can pick you up on the way and we can do lunch or somesuch.



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Aug. 24th, 2006 06:36 am (UTC)
No rush, I swore not to bug you so take your time and yeah... *looks at post* that certifies as crazy all right. I hope your Dad's ok... and your mother, mou! If you ever move out of state, don't suggest me as backup tech support!

Actually Mark just walked past and I asked him, he said he'd help your Mom and not even charge. (but you should tell her he charges, 'cause he's too nice for his own good. Doormat!)

If you want more company bookstoring, you know where I live! Er, if it's like after noon so I'm awake and even if I'm not awake enough to go I'm always awake enough to smile and show off the kitten.
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