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It's a bad week...

Somehow, in the period between June and September, I always manage to forget why I hate winter. It's so freaking cold! Summer is looking really good right now... I imagine that come July and 100+ temps, I'll remember why I love winter. Weather is so damn overrated!
A lot went on this week, some of it important, some not. I really should go to class every day. I think I'm supposed to have a quiz or something next week, and my teacher thinks study guides are too easy, along with multiple-choice questions. I'm a music major, for god's sake! I'm not supposed to have to read and take notes! :) My leson was atrocious! I don't think I've ever played that badly. And I really pracitced the stupid concerto, too. Plus he yelled at me because I haven't got the damn thing memorized. So now I know what I'll be doing in ever second of my spare time. Orchestra was BAD yesterday. It was a sectional day, which means that we get broken down into small groups, which means lots of attention. Have I mentioned that my section is led by morons? Morons who can't read music at all, let alone sight-read. So I got to listen to two hours of Phillip trying to patiently teach Beethoven's 7th and Elgar's violin concerto one freaking note at a time! Like teaching kindergartners their alphabet. Urge to kill rising, rising...
Work sucked today, but that's to be expected. Diane's back, which means that even my small measure of joy that came from humor and light-hearted ribbing is gone. The first thing she said, even before hi, was why didn't I come to the meeting? I told her I had class, and she said I really should come. Hello!!!! I'm not going to blow off a class that I paid for and that I enjoy to come sit for two hours and listen to how stupid and dumb us coworkers are and how we should put aside any sense of personal dignity and bend over backwards so customers can figuritively screw us. I know she doesn't like me, but since she can't find a reason to fire me, and since no one here has any complaints about me, she's stuck with me. She hates to admit how much I actually do around this place. Or that I've been at this store longer than she has.
I'm supposed to go over to Jenny's but she won't even get there until 10:30, so it'll take us another hour and a half to get food and a movie, which means I probably won't get home untill two in the morning. When you have to get up a six, that's too late for my tastes. Especially now, when I'm still rying to shake this cold and two-thirds of my weekend shift are gone. God, tomorrow's going to suck! I try not to think about work at home because I get horrible stress headaches and stomachaches. Especially now that I'm the official scapegoat for everything that goes wrong.
Gotta go home and try to find my insurance stuff, I have to renew my registration, which means I have to get the Beast smogged. I hope it doesn't die on me again. I seriously wish Dad would sell me the car so I could sell it and get something better. A car, maybe. This thing is more trouble than it's worth. It died on me twice Thursday, in the middle of the day, so God knows what it'll do when I try to start it at seven in the morning.



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