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So, it's spring break...

...Doesn't that mean it should be, like, spring? Because if I wanted day after day of overcast weather and cold, wet stuff falling on me, I'd have moved to Seattle. Seriously, as much as I hate July and August in Nevada, a little warm, sunny weather would be awfully nice.

Having now done one of the two major papers due today, am taking a break and wasting time on teh interweb. Il gato is currently sleeping. Who am I kidding, he's been sleeping for like a week straight. And shedding, which makes me hope he's got a little groundhog in him.

Life is well, if undeniably unremarkable. Passed my probationary period with the pops orchestra, so Thursday nights are no longer mine for the forseeable future. I actually don't mind, because the orchestra has grown a lot since I stopped going, and there's a decently stable string section, not to mention plenty of woodwind, brass, and an absolutely brilliant percussion guy. Basically, everything TMCC doesn't have yet. And while I like TMCC for the experience of a small chamber group and growing an orchestra, I'm really glad I followed through with the pops, because all the features above mean we can actually play real classical music. Not arrangements, though we had a pops concert that wasn't half bad. Real, unabridged classical, and, dude, the other night was such a rush. The concert coming up is german classics. and there's everything from Haydn to Hindemith on it, and even though the Hindemith isn't my favorite, it's still interesting. I haven't played Schubert 7 before, at least not the first movement, and even though I've the tendency to dismiss Schubert orchestral music in the past, this piece blew past my expectations. There's a good couple of licks that I need to woodshed, but the finale is definitely worth it. Also Mozart's Impressario overture, which I've played before, though I can't rememeber where (TMCC, maybe?). Basically, it's nice to be in a large, capable ensemble again, because I've missed the experience. Am very impressed with how much better the orchestra has gotten. They started to hand out the music for the summer concerts, and we're playing music from Star Wars that Williams arranged into basically a symphony. Four movements, killer rythms, and it's hard. We played it through, and even though it was difficult, I got such a buzz from it, I probably looked completely high. We got to the second movement, which is basically the Imperial March, and it gave me goosebumps. Then finally is the throne room march and then the main title, which I used in an assignment for orchestration years ago, and I totally pwned the notes. It helps being a geek, sometimes :)

Speaking of geek, I had the Saturday morning 'toons on for background music. I never thought it was possible, but Power Rangers has gone even further downhill. Right off the bat, there was a Sarlac, then a talking sheep, and, wow, filming in Australia doesn't even help, though maybe the sheep thing.... No, sorry, that's New Zealand. Either I'm out of touch with pop culture today, or someone at ABC forgot to proof their show, because that was just awful. Not awful in a tacky, kitchy way that is funny, but just awful in a dumb, non-redeeming manner. Sigh. I think I'm getting old.

So, yeah, back to work. Here, Red Bull, come here...

Oh, Lyssa, let me know if you got your book. I left it on the porch, it was way too early to ring the bell ;)

Blame it on boredom, ennui, whatever. It just had to be done..



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Mar. 19th, 2006 07:04 am (UTC)
Yup, I got it. Thanks!

A talking sheep? I fear. -_-
Mar. 19th, 2006 07:30 am (UTC)
As it turned out...
...it was just an apprentice sorceress what hadn't yet gotten the hang of de-sheeping herself. She's also going to fall madly in love with the Red Ranger (or the yellow, assuming he isn't gay, don't know yet), or at least once he figures out that he's the Red Ranger. One thing that's absolutely formulaic is how each new "arc" starts. They should be getting their droids the next episode, their motorcycles the one after that, and then the guy who is currently batting for the wrong team will experience a revelation and join them in time to power up level-wise. Somewhere during all of this there will be a two-part cameo featuring last season's characters. ..Oooo... Wow, I have no life.

But, see, I thought of you when I saw it. Not because of the sheep, but the premise for this season is totally up your alley.
Mar. 20th, 2006 06:00 am (UTC)
At least it wasn't the SHEEP that made you think of me!
I'd heard about it and meant to watch some but of course it slipped my mind and I never did. Maybe next Saturday or sometime I'll catch an ep. =)

Lordy, there've been twelve incarnations of Power Rangers? That's scary.

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