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I really should be sleeping. I like sleeping. It makes me happy and un-bitchy and nice to be around. And coherent. That, too. But, alas, the NyQuill has gone the way of Anakin and done betrayed me. Speaking of Anakin, I will not succomb to temptation and go looking for spoilers. I can wait ten hours until the book stores open. Can't I? Arghh. Being sick is finding your used kleenex in new and interesting places. Not there, perverts! But I woke up yesterday with a kleenex behind my ear and I think I see a horde of them grazing on the floor. Like little sheep. Hmmm, I haven't yet tried counting kleenex as a remedy for insomnia. I really hate being sick because once I get over the first two days, I really only get sick at night. Like, today at work I felt decent, a little sniffly, but not running the lovely fever I am now. And I never cough during the day much, but I'll wake myself up coughing at night. I want to sleeeeeeeeeeep... I had a really interesting dream yesterday morning between snooze alarms and I can't remember it now, only that it was quite splendidly cool and if I ever remember enough to write down, I could so write a children's book about it. Damn, it's gone. I so need to sleep. More.

Oh, I had a decent holiday. Fairly restrained, but no huge fights or overly dramatic moments, so all's well that ends well, I guess. Mom chose the high road and just gave me the money for a hard drive rather than trying to buy one. Thank the deity fo your choice for small miracles. Let us not forget the violin string debacle of holidays past.

Realized that I am old. Not a new concept, but still a startling ephiny. Whatever happened to ritual suicide at thirty? I may have to rethink that vow. Found out that my ancestry, at least of the Italian side, is pretty much descended from peasants. I feel so used. Ah, well, at least I don't have far to fall.

Oh, I lost my phone. Bet you I left it at Mom's. Fitting, seeing as how she probably left her keys in my car again. There really is no hope for me. Banjo is such a happy instrument. I always wanted to play the banjo.



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