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Heh. A meme. I never do these.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. black & white photography:
    Nothing like BW to make a simple, elegant, strong statement. I liked using BW film because I could develop it myself. Take all the color out, and you're left with nothing but shades of grey. But it's so interesting to see everything that can be done with light in a very elemental form.
  2. college:
    Um, still in it. 'Nuff said. That being so, do you realize how many different things they have classes for?
  3. fanfiction:
    Used to be entertaining back when I didn't work full time, and back when the average age of the writers was over twenty. I don't hardly read it any more, mostly because there's just too damn much crap to justify the good, but nostalgia's kept it on my interests list.
  4. italian:
    Um, is it pathetic to have your family on both side be entirely Italian and still not speak a word of it? Yeah, so I'm trying to rectify that. Plus, you can curse someone into next week and write an aria out of it, it just sounds so pretty.
  5. mac:
    Windows = teh evil. My first computer was a Centris, so I'm probably biased, but I happen to like Apple.
  6. myths and legends:
    Harry Potter don't have nothing on Theseus. Campbell broke it down long before George Lucas concieved of Darth Vader. You think your family's dusfunctional, look at poor Odin. Or the residents of Mount Olympus.
  7. photomanipulation:
    Is it's own art form. Take a look sometime at Deviant Art's section.
  8. riddles:
    Kind of go with the myths and ledgends thing. Also, it's fascinating to look at a culture through the way their riddles work.
  9. string instruments:
    Have a certain quality of sound you just can't duplicate anywhere else. Don't believe me? LIsten to a serenade for strings. The tonal and expressive range are just amazing.
  10. writing:
    I wish I had more time to do it, simply because the times when it's not like pulling teeth. When the words are flowing, it's zen.

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