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"Sure, we've tested it..."

"I need a me and I need a them."
"Well, I can be them probably as well as I can be you. And, of course, you can be you better than I can be you. But if you're them and I'm you, everyone is thinking outside the box."
"Good point."
"I'm really lost."

"Thirty standard minutes, Insiders meeting."
"'The bantha crows at dawn.'"
"You know, 'The bantha crows at dawn.' What's the countersign? Or perhaps you're not Section Head Iella Wessiri at all? Pull that ooglith masquer off, or I open fire."
"My husband never really told me how annoying you were. Thirty minutes. There's news."
"No countersign, indeed. What sort of holodrama is this, anyway?"

"There you go. An instant squadron for you to reconfigure as the honor guard of the manifestation of a Yuuzhan Vong goddess. This means that the very first thing you get is bureaucratic personnel matters to deal with. I'll see if I can round up an Ewok pilot candidate to throw your way just to make things more difficult. You'll be my age in no time."

"All right. I'm game.
"Nice of you to be so willing. You're not the one meters away from an armed proton torpedo being directed by a blind man in a two-way hookup."

"The frigate in launching Coralskippers. I have destroyed one."
"I suggest you destroy a second one."
"I have destroyed a second one."
"I suggest you destroy a third one."
"If I may ask, are you managing a subordinate, or taunting me?"
"I�m taunting you, One-One-A. All in the spirit of fun."
"I have destroyed a third one."
"I suggest-"
"I have destroyed a forth one."
"I have destroyed a sixth one."
"Knock off the running tally, would you?"
"I have destroyed a seventh one."
"I told you-"
"I am teaching myself to taunt you."



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