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This is why I should never read anything I'm interested in. I was so good, had the book on Wednesday and didn't even crack it open until after work and my CH203 test, and I went to bed and told myself I was only going to read the prologue, and, well, damned if I didn't just finish the entire thing. Which, for the record, was even worse than the last one in the same way. And by worse I don't mean badly written, because it was quite well-written, but worse in the sense that I don't know if I like it or hate it.

(FYI - fellow SW internet geeks (you know who you are): please refrain from quoting this except in it's entirety. I'll do the TFN forums and other places tomorrow when I've slept and my tolerance for stupidity is higher. I would really like to avoid a repeat of last time, because flame wars resulting from stuff taken out of context are just too much melodrama for me, and I just got rid of my last LJ stalker. Yes, I know I'm posting this later than usual, but I haven't had the time to read the book until now. If you were waiting for me to tell you whether or not to read the book, I pity you, though I'm also a bit flattered.)

No major new deaths, though Jacen's actions and character in general have become just plain despicable. And wouldn't you know it, even when he's doing awful things he's still just stupid as sh*t. I so cried at their last scene. More of a Leia/Luke/Han book, in that order, which meant some interesting character dev for Leia especially, but everyone else had to be content with a page or two of distressing compmlications. I actually don't hate Zekk as much now, not because he's improved or I think he's suitable, but because next to Jacen he's just a minor annoyance. Though hello! shared consciousness does not mean diminished mental capacity or regressions to childish dialogue. They are still fully functioning adults, Jedi, even.

Argh! with the Jacen plot, which again gets far too much "screen time", as it were. Ben, eh, still badly written token Jedi child, but he serves his purpose. As indicated by the dramatis personae page, Jag had no screen time at all, and only a token mention towards the end, furthering Jaina's serious relationship issues like whoa! (That last bit stolen from Becca, yo.) And, speaking of Jaina, she probably comes out of this book worse off than anyone else. And I'm not just saying that because I like her character, it's bad enough that I think a lot of people who didn't like her before will end up changing their minds to some degree. Another betrayal ala Kyp, especially harsh considering the source, which should be interesting to follow in the next book. More problems on the mind-meld front certainly don't help. And what is with the council treating them like stupid deliquent children? Hello!

Um, the bugs - er - Killicks. Still kinda creepy and gross, but still more a plot device than an actual villian. Good thing there are actual villians in there. Though the whole Alema/Lomi Plo/Raynar deal had me in serious flashbacks to EpisodeIII. Well, if it was intentional, there are worse influences out there. Han was back to his true snarky form, though Leia seems to be gaining more and more strength. Be interesting to see if that trend will continue in the next series, or it's a personal choice on Denning's part.

The continuing subplot with Artoo is really rather unnecessary, and feels almost obligatory. Though the scene from the room of fountains was moving, it perhaps would have had a better effect if this plot were handled ala Killik Twilight, instead of stringing it out through three books and rudely interrupting what is often a much more compelling narrative (with badly written movie dialogue at that). Still remarkably little insertion of minor, plot-moving characters on Denning's part, though I had grown rather attached to Sioev (sp?). I could have done without the Thrawn replacement, though I have a sneaky suspicion he's there for a specific reason to be revealed in the third book. Of course Saba's back, which is fine since she's Denning's creation and he can write her spot-on and funny as hell. I must, however, protest the gratuitous use of Jedi Master cameos. Though I'm sure the gamers are all escatic, I just didn't care about Katarn enough to merit throwing him in there. And something about his Corran Horn didn't ring true.

The concept of the tension in the "New" order is quite fascinating, and shows that Denning at least isn't buying into the "happily ever after" mantra the New Jedi Order series ended with. In fact, Denning in general does particularily well with the darker material, preferring to write in shades of grey. There are funny and happy moments, but his GFFA is a very complex creation. and the deeper incongruities of the Star Wars mythos are presented head-on in his writing. This is not the Star Wars of Anderson or Allston, and while it doesn't have the epic potential of the New Jedi Order series, it is not a light read. There is a lot going on here that would never make it into a movie, nor should it. Jacen especially adds to the darkness of the series, because as a protagonist he's been making some pretty questionable decisions. (that was understatement) And apparrently someone forgot to give him The Talk, and now it's too late. (I was, by the way, totally right in that respect. So, nyah!) Denning's tasked with creating a plausible relationship out of pretty much nothing, and kudos to him for knowing it wouldn't work conventionally, and then going for the better approach. Adding the Chiss factor complicates things, though it makes me afraid for the next book.

Hah, and now I'm tired, so, in conclusion: This are your brain on ambrosia, bugs are bad, and if you ever come into contact with Jacen Solo, trust me when I say that there aren't enough days in the week for all the therapy you're going to need.

There may possible be more to come on this, depending on how much time I want to spend ranting. Am rather busy at the moment.


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Oct. 2nd, 2005 03:30 am (UTC)
btw- I love you.

Thought you ought to know....

get some sleep.
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