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Today was fun. Slept in until the cat stuck his paw in my mouth. He's already over the laser pointer, and has decided that sleeping on my laptop is the thing to to, because my laptop is usually all warm when it's charging and, hey, cat hair is good for the processers. Anywho, the 'rents went off for another ride and then we all piled into the truck and drove through Coos Bay in search of a mini-golf, and then drove the other direction back towards Florence. Didn't get that far, but we did stop at two nice beaches, of which there are pictures on Mom's camera because I, thinking we were going to mini-golf, left my camera in the trailer. We never actually got to a mini-golf place, come to think of it, but we did have pizza at Pizza Ray's in Winchester Bay, and then we came back in order to ride to see the sunset at the beach. Quite literally flew, because my brother drove because Dad had a beer or two. Anywho, we got back to the campground and set out on the ATV's because the trail to the beach is like two miles long, and the sun was already pretty low. Then, of course, we got lost. It's a very sad day when I know we're lost before my Dad. See, to my thinking, if we were heading to the beach for a sunset, then we should be going in the general direction of where the sun was setting, not parallel. Luckily, we turned around before we ended up in Washington. Anywho, got there just as the sun was going down, so I leapt off the four-wheeler, threw off my helmet, and down to the water. Got ten shots in before the sun was gone. The neatest without people is below.

Anywho, moving on tomorrow, so I probably won't have internet until we get back into Reno. And they're locking down all the facillities here. Fare-thee-well, tallyho, hasta luego, kumbaiya, and somesuch.



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