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Woot. Here I am.

We're staying at a KOA outside of Coos Bay, Oregon. It isn't the best place, because outside off riding the dunes, there isn't anything to do, and we're parked on gravel, with our neighbors not ten feet away. Actually, it's like a WalMart parking lot without the WalMart. I guess if you like to ride your ATV over the dunes, this is the place. And I don't mind so much, because Dad's having fun, and he's not tired out from driving all day, so even when bad things happen, like when he got his four-wheeler stuck in the sand, he's still in a good mood. I took a turn, and it's actually pretty fun, except that I tend to get lost because there are miles and miles of dunes and trails and everything gets all twisty. The beach is like two miles away, and I can't walk on it for fear of being run over, but the place somewhat redeems itself in that it has free wireless, so I guess I can't complain that much. That, and Mom bought Larry a laser pointer, so it's quite amusing to see him bouncing off the walls of the trailer, except when he does it a three am. The weather is really nice. Even when the sun's out, it's still nicely cool with the ocean breeze.

Stayed in Valley of the Rogue Saturday night, same place we stayed in last year for the first night. This time we got an actual campsite, not overflow, so we had electricity, which was good because it was still 100 degress down there at 6:30 at night. Hello, air conditioning. Had a bit of a tense moment when we got inundated with smoke from a fire to the north, but that happens every night, according to the park rangers, since the fire's been smouldering for like six weeks. Having ascertained we weren't going to die, I took a nice long walk along the river (alas, no blackberries this time) and retired to my tent. I meant to say awake late enough to call ruebert, but I didn't quite make it.

Anyway, Sunday we continued up I-5, then took something else through Eugene, and then 101 south past Florence, and that brings us here. Stopped at a Fred Myer in Eugene for groceries. It looked a lot like a WalMart. Also, what is with the unfriendliness? Is it illegal to smile as well as pump your own gas? Speaking of gas, it's extortionate. Seriously, three dollars a gallon is the norm. At any rate, I think the plan is to stay here tomorrow as well and then move on down south and maybe inland, to where there are actual compagrounds with actual nature. I want to spend a whole day in the redwoods, but seeing as how there's nothing to do there involving expensive motorized psuedo-penii, I don't know how that will work out.

Hope everyone in Reno is doing well. I'll try to call when we get back into a Sprint service area.


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Aug. 23rd, 2005 01:15 am (UTC)
No blackberries? WTF?

Hijack the truck and take a drive on your own. No reason for you to hang out doing nothing while everyone else gets to do what they want...
Aug. 27th, 2005 01:04 am (UTC)
My parents and I were 'caming' at Zephyr Cove until last Sunday, and it was exactly the same... Russ and I got a "walk-in" site to at least have a place to put our tent and see an actual tree. But... Nevada Beach was really nice, even if it's .8 miles from a Safeway. Next year we're off to McCarthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Northern California. HURRAY for fresh wild blackberries and beautiful waterfalls. BTW I LOVE OREGON!
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