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Happy spoilers ahead...

Tee hee, I found something fun! Well, okay, it's not fun unless you're me, but it is kinda interesting. Odd though. Haven't come across a summary for the book out in four days, but this is for the November hardcover. But because of the very nature of the summary, there are huge spoilers for the next three paperbacks. Well, one of them isn't that juge because it just confirms what anyone with half a brain knows, and adds something half suspected. The other two are interesting, though. I was wondering when Acky would show up, it was hard to believe that he'd just be sitting there, especially when everyone else has been at least invilved. Nut he is really old, he was in the movies, so I hope they don't make this his last appearance.

Hmm, so she is a Jedi. Hope they explain how she got away with the voxyn not jumping on her. Probably will tie in with the whole "New Force" thing she teaches him. ARRGH. Why did he have to come back, and in cush a central role. Eveything was going so WELL without him! And from the sound of it, he hasn't gotten any less annoying. If he becomes another Anakin, I'm going to track down the mass editor and strangle her.
So, she gets another squadron. I'm thinking it's Wraith, but I wasn't aware she had a role in the upcoming duology. That would be really cool. 'S a nifty group of people to begin with, and putting her in would just be... cool. Wonder if they'll bring Wes and Hobbie back for it. They WERE primarily Allston's creation, and every other author has been able to bring his character into the NJO. But there again is the age thing. They're supposed to be retired, according to Stackpole. But Wedge came back, so there's hope yet. I would really love to see Wes go after her. Hee hee. Last time he tried to prank someone, he ended up wearing nothing but a stuffed bantha. And she's a Jedi to boot... Does this mean she finally ditched Kyp? Or better yet, tossed him out an airlock? Please, please, please...... He really needs to die, and the sooner the better. Any more of him and they'll have to rename it "The New Jedi Order Revolving Around Kyp" series.
Ahh, at least we know that something is going to happen. It'll be nice to see the tide turn. I was really despairing of seeing anyone survive this series. Now I can once more pray for a happy ending. Maybe she'll whack some sense into him as she trains him. If nothing else, he can TALK the YV into retreating. Now I'm wondering if they're actually going to do the whole "to the death" thing after all. It sounds like they aren't, and I was really looking forward to seeing her beat him to a pulp.
I wonder what this weakness is that she discovers. It can't be the same on as before, because I got the impression they were finding a way to compensate for it. A growing uprising in the Shamed Ones? Possible, but that sounds more like Jacen, or, God's forbid, Kyp's department. She's always been more tactics oriented. But it could happen.
Gotta go, sleep is calling me. Kinda sounds like my mother, too...


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Mar. 22nd, 2002 09:29 am (UTC)
You do realize that most likely no one but me gets, this, right? =P Ah, love of the esoteric...
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