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Sith first impressions...

Anakin = putz!putz!putz!putz!putz!etc.
Padme = huh?
Mace = lamest death evah
Chewbacca = why?
dah Emperor = overacted but sufficed for the role
Yoda = a little dissappointing but again sufficient
John Williams = my hero
George Lucas = getting there, but still moments of lameness
Obi-wan = upgraded to tolerable, mostly for his last scene with Anakin

Overall reaction - I'm still contemplating. Sith is the best of the prequels, but still no match for the OT. I rather despise Lucas' lack of subtlety. Yes, I get the point, you do not have to beat it into me over and over. Really, some things would have had more dramatic impact were they implied. I guess I still prefer to believe audiences are capable of reasonable exptrapolation and imagination. Surpisingly retained a PG-13 rating given one particular scene.

The good parts were really quite good. The bad, cheesy parts were really quite bad. Not a lot of middle ground. The score was the most original aspect, even though there was a lot of recapping from the other five movies. This movie was characterized by very fast pacing and abrupt transitions. While it didn't exactly feel rushed, there was a lot of material simply thrown away in one or two lines.

Lucas's purported explanations of midicholorians and the Force-ghost phenomena never really happened. And am I the only one annoyed by Palpatine's implication that he created Anakin?

More to come, but the rest is still cogging around my skull right now.

Bottom line - worth seeing once for most folks. It is very action-oriented, with less lovey-dovey and plodding character development than the other prequels. The acting is generally better. The story, while sometimes implausible, works. The cinematography and special effects are excellent. And come on, it IS the last one.

*edit - help me out, guys. What exactly was the lizard thingie Obi-wan was riding around on? I'm thinking Kraydt dragon, only wrong planet.


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May. 22nd, 2005 05:12 am (UTC)
Does he really go "NOOOOOOOO!" post-vaderization? I mean that would be my opinion too if it happened to me but it seems like in the context it'd be just too cheesy.

I saw the Star Wars thing on animal planet this morning and it had a thing about the lizard of which you ask, but of course I don't remember the name. Obi-wan looked pretty cool riding it though!

So Chewie's in it? I echo the "why" and raise it by "ok so wookies live a really long time I guess." unless he was a baby. I bet baby wookies are really cute! Ok, in my new Mary Sue fic I'm a foster mom for orphanned baby wookies, and then they grow up to really like me and protect me from evil so I never have to lift a lightsaber... wait! The whole point of self-insertation is to get a lightsaber! And then you can take a long time deciding what color you want. I settled on blue and stuch J-tan with green. Now she's talking about a leopard-print lightsaber. My invisible friends are no more sane than the visible ones.
May. 22nd, 2005 07:46 am (UTC)
according to some weird thing on Lucas' website... they live for a LONG ASS time... so he's like.. 200+ I guess. I mean they talk about Jedi's being "the guardians of peace and justice in the Galaxy for the last thousand years" and Yoda is freaking 900! LIKE WHOA...

the "NOOO" OMGWTF ran through my head a HIGH speed. And allow me to echo the fangirling for John Williams... I've been listening to the score obsessively...
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