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Me, ten minutes ago:

Right hand holding Sony Picture Maker 5x7 printer paper inside machine. Left hand tangled in the spent ribbon. Phone ringing on two seperate lines, and Idiot #3 banging on door. Stoopid printer decides to start feeding the paper through, despite my hand in it's guts. Guy at door walks over to window next to me and starts banging away, because I obviously couldn't hear him before. I let the ribbon drop on the floor, walk to the back, and eat my yoghurt. Stress? No stress here.

Am still much sore from cat's failed assasination attempt yesterday morning. Was going down the stairs with an armful of stuff, and the cat chose that particular moment to run UP the stairs under my feet. In my haste to not step on Demon, I completly missed the next step. The next thing I know, I'm sliding down the stairs on my knees, trying to catch myself with my hands, and pretty much expecting to come away with no less than a broken neck. Luckily, I managed to not go head over heels, though I came close to braining myself on the nice cast-iron and glass bookcase. Making enough noise to wake the dead (and stormyserenity), I came to rest in a rather inglorious heap. I did manage to badly bruise both knees, a have a nice case of rugburn on both my knees and hands, but at least I'm not dead. The cat, meanwhile, stood at the top of the stairs, tail twice her normal size, and stared at me.

I go into the witness protection program tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it only hurts when I forget and try to close the paper trays with my knees, or when I have to kneel. But hey, at least it's my weekend.

*edit - Okay, so I'm having some issues with tenses. Just ignore the un-grammar-i-ness of it all.



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