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Jan. 24th, 2005

Man, the fog up at TMCC was so thick this morning that I couldn't even see the buildings from the road. Not to mention that, for some strange reason, the police have decided that the answer to the crappy parking situation is to barricade all but one of the entrances to the parling lot by the Sierra building and force people to use the lot on the other side of the campus, which only creates absolute chaos and some very, er, creative solutions. One Jeep I saw had actually made it up about five feet and was teetering on top of a jagged berm. I have no idea how he thinks he'll get back down, because the berm is literally surrounded by cars...

I seem to have been dropped from two of my four classes sometime between last week and today. I e-mailed the regristar's office, but all I got was a from letter saying preference would be given to those in the closest degree program. So, despite the fact that I registered on the first day I was allowed to, back in November, I now have to scour the catalog and find open classes that will work with my schedule. Needless to say, I am less than pleased.

Went to the Phil concert yesterday afternoon. Dr. Winn broke his wrist, so Ruth Lenz played Chausson's (sp?) Poeme, which worked. I didn't care too much for the Ginestra, but I still haven't found too much twentieth century music I like, at least the first time I hear it. It was a rather ambitios program for such a smalltown orchestra, and there were a few obvious mistakes, especially in Straus' Don Giovanni. Well, probably some wouldn't have been that obvious to the majority of the audoence, but even Mom picked up the times that someone in the first violins came in a breath too early. They ended with Cappricio Espagnole (yes, I am aware the spelling is atrocious), a piece they've done several times before. I think the initial tempo was just a little too fast, and Ruder tried to tame it when his solo came around, with some success. The final presto was about as good as I've ever heard it, though once again the moment was almost ruined by someone a little too eager in the first violins.

Now, off to unearth the cello and attempt to remember how to play it for orchestra tonight. I suppose it's good that I only have two classes right now, as I should have more time to practice and maybe I can actually put some thought into my photography assignments instead of just trying to turn in something.

Eh. The way work is going, probably not. I plan on not telling them of my reduced classes, because I can see them expecting fourteen-hour shifts from me every day, and while I could probably use the money, I'd rather be poor and keep my sanity intact. Just remind my to stay away from i-tunes, and I should be able to come up with rent.


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Jan. 24th, 2005 04:08 pm (UTC)
and there were a few obvious mistakes, especially in Straus' Don Giovanni.

*giggles* Oh sure, don't you know that one? It's the dark and suicidal waltz! ;)
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