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Not dead yet...

What's this? An update?

Sort of. Been a wee bit busy lately. I should have more free time in acouple of weeks when the semester ends. Unfortunately, I have to spend that free time working as I have no money to speak of. Until February, at the rate I'm going. Which is about when spring semester fees come due.

Well, after all this time, my laptop is finally being built, and should be shipped out by the end of the week. My uncle gave me his happy employee discount, so I actually got a really good price. Now all I have to do is wade through tech-speak to figure out how I can hook up to the cable internet. I figure since I'm paying for the damn service, I ought to be able to use it without having to worry about intruding on nurikochan. So, any and all Mac people out there, chime in with suggestions.

Had a test today in photo. Was a suprise test, and basically took the form of "here's the finished print, here's the original scanned negative, you match the final print". I didn't do too well, because I personally thought the final print was ugly, and even though I got my work to looked resonably close, I didn't do it the "approved" way, so points off for that. Eh, whatever. As long as I can mangage to finish my final prints, I should get through the class with a decent enough grade.

I spent yesterday in a funk being mad at my mother, who wasted my only day off inviting me over and then procedding to get into a huge fight with my dad the minute I arrived and then dragging me into it. After being yelled at by both parents, I left and wandered around the park until my feet were soaking wet and freezing and I could go five minutes without alternating between rage and wanting to hide in a bush and cry. I tend to cry when I get really mad, the product of years spent with my mother. At any rate, she has yet to call me, which means that either she knows how angry I am at her stupid immature games, or she simply doesn't see anything wrong with how she acted, and therefore doesn't know that I'm agry with her. I'm betting on the latter, because this is my mother we're talking about.

Off to put together a presentation for Spanish class. Ciao.

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