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Well, maybe just the first two. Just finished the first photo class. Sounds fun, for once the instructer sounds competent (though everyone should be familiar with the Art Dept's track record by now, so I might be revising my opinion) and even though there are some people in the class who didn't take the prerequisite, at least there aren't any high schoolers to act out and generally make morons of themselves. Thus starts the insanity of 12 credits of class, 40 hours working, and generally having no spare time to speak of. Strangely enough, I'm not that depressed this time around. Broke, yes. Sleep deprived, oh yeah. I find myself strangely optimistic about my life, though. Must be all the sunshine I've been getting.

Yesterday I celebrated my last truly free day until winter break with a "me" day. Stayed up very late reading, slept in (sort of - damn cat!) and then went to Barnes and Noble and listened to a zillion CD's. I did only come out with one cheep Mozart CD, so my restraint was pretty admirable.

Then decided to go see Hero, which I liked. Kinda like Crouching Tiger..., only the plot was a lot more straight foward, if not so linear. The way color was used, every single shade of it, was so deliberate that it was stunning. God, if only western movies would go that way. The wire work was quite good, not so jarring and unnatural as other movies, and the characters were nicely fleshed out. A lot of the movie went the way of zen, so I loved that, allthough my brother, who also saw it yesterday, missed the point of it completely. Predictable, that. The only thing that I couldn't do was the ending, the reduction of the movie into an argueement for the good of communism, but that tends to happen in such a state-run country. And it wasn't as forcefully done as it could have been. Silly me for expecting anyone to come out alive, but that's probably just the optimist in me.

Anyway, off home to return overdue books, excavate 'cello, and perhaps do some laundry. I still don't know who I'll see on the other end of the baton later tonight, but no one else does either.



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Aug. 31st, 2004 11:37 pm (UTC)
Actually, the ending wasn't so much an argument for communism as it is for nationalism. Most Chinese think that the Emperor of the Qin dynasty was a horrible, awful tyrant, but that he got done what needed to be done, as he forged a unified China that's lasted for thousands of years.

If you'd like to see another version of that, I'll lend you my Emperor and the Assassin DVD. They both have the same legend at their core, only Hero is more visually stunning, while the plotline is more linear and the characters more developed in Emperor and the Assassin.

I bought Hero in Chinatown last weekend, so I got to show it to Nate. He got the point of it, luckily, unlike when we watched Big Fish... *laugh*
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