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Slight review of the last week or so.

Found out that my manager had given me the wrong week off for vacation. Freaked out a bit. Ended up being okay, because although he originally said he couldn't fix it, he did. I am very relieved.

Spent the weekend with Mom. My grandfather and uncle came up on Saturday, right after I went to Costco to get stuff for the bana calda bash on Sunday. We went out to Piorino's for dinner, in which I had the yummy cheese ravioli with alfredo-ish sauce. I also conned Mom out of a box of Otter Pops. Sunday I hopped over to Mom's mid-morning to help her set up. Spent the better part of two hours chopping veggies and hauling tables out. The final product made it all worth it, though. Went to see The Terminal with spkn4_4ever afterward. Good movie overall, Tom Hanks was very good, and even though the love interest part was ever so predictable, I didn't mind it.

Monday I slept in forever. Then over to Mom's to finish cleaning up, and back home to polish off the fake (but still yummy) Costco sushi. Then, on a spur of the moment, nurikochan, aminomiko and I went to see I'm Not Scared at Riverside. I always forget how much I like foreign films, especially Italian ones. Interesting movie, the point of view was what I suspect made the film so strong. Soundtrack was gorgeous. Cinematography the same. Came home and vegged to Master and Commander. Long movie, but I tend to like that type, so no regrets.

Ooh, and did I mention that veijukka got me Firefly? Very funny series by the same guy who came up with Buffy, but don't let that throw you. Unfortunately, this did re-ignite my anger towards Fox for their completely biased fear of anything even slightly sci-fi, because there was every indication that the series would have continued to show well. (It had as many viewers during the first season as X-Files.) At least Whedon got a movie out of it, although I don't hold out much hope for that being anything like what made the series so good.

Okay, being now mostly caught up, I'm off to work.



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