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Another wasted day. Well, not really, I did actually do something, just not anything remotely useful. Wandered over to Mom's in time to see my dad and brother off to Pyramid Lake to ride the jetski. I was invited to go, and I might have had all my stuff not been back at the house and I aouldn't have gone swimming anyway.

So, I puttered around Mom's for a while, doing chores until she was ready to go. Then we blew through Borders (like, twenty minutes) in order to have more time to devote to Walmart (it never ceases to amaze me that Mom would rather go to Walmart instead of a book store).

Actually, for whatever reason Walmart was deader than dead, so the urge to reach out and indiscriminately snap pre-pubescent necks never rose to anything approaching homicidal. I did manage to pick up a pair of clip-on sunglasses to replace the ones I left...somewhere. (Not that I was too terribly broken up, as they were so scratched that I couldn't read road signs through them. This, along for the DVD I got for $10 at Borders, made today an official Happy Day, or at the very least a Day of Minimal Suckage.

Got home, read a while, and began the process of hooking up the DVD player Mom got me. What threw me was that the thing has no coaxial port. This required an alternate solution, which works on the tv downstairs, and theoretically on the one in my room. Now all I have to do is find the remote, because the only way to get the tv to "see" the DVD player is if it is on channel three, and the remote skips from two to four.

So, I watched Hillary and Jackie, which was not as subtle as I remembered it, but considering the last time I saw it was in high school, that would make sense. I still felt like crying at the end, because dying of MS is a crappy way to go in general, but most especially tragic for a musician, and she was on 29. Admittedly, most of that emotional catharsis came from the Elgar concerto, the sneaky bastards, but it was sad all the same.

Okay, off to bed with me. Damn, that means I have to unearth my bed from all the stuff I heaped there while looking for the remote. Ah, well...



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