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Never thought I'd have an opportunity to use the phrase "Napoleonic power monger" when referring to someone in real life.

Milestone completed.


i feel like I'm going in circles ...

The sum of the means is the means of the sum. The variance of the sum is the sum of the variances. Total area under the curve must be 1. To find the curve, differentiate the integral. To find the area, take the integral.

Whatever happened to using actual numbers?

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Mondays suck.

They just do.

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Feb. 8th, 2013

Trying to remember how to integrate while learning probability notation and how to compute cumulative distribution function with random continuous variables.

Other than my brain exploding, everything's fine.


How sick of Biology am I?

I am seriously considering writing an arrangement of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for cello quartet. Truly. The concept looks more tasteful every day.

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Useful mnemonic

Dumb kids playing chess on freeways get smashed.

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Started my last semester of classes at TMCC last Monday. Only, due to some incomplete and in one case just plain bad advice from an adviser last spring, I came close to saying "the hell with it" and just transferring without my AS. Turns out the optional physics lab wasn't. Which threw me into a four-way scheduling conflict and potentially 19 credits (including four labs). After the requisite panic attack, I ended up dropping all but one class and then going around to every section of anything that would satisfy the AS requirements until I found an open class and a teacher that would manually add me. So my schedule went from neat and tidy to random and messy in the space of about a day. I ended up dropping physics and substituting microbiology, dropping stats and getting a scheduling override so that I could enroll in environmental pollution and organismal biology, both of which are offering only one section at the exact same day and time. So at the end of the day it looks like 3 labs and the pollution class. I'm just hoping I can keep the biology classes straight.

Once again I seem to have an oddball set of teachers. Two extremely old and hard of hearing and with a tendency to go off on interesting but time-sucking tangents. One whose opening statement was "My husband died X weeks, x days, xx minutes ago." Which didn't have to be weird but she said it another ten times during the lecture. And Dr. B., who I don't mind as much because he really went out of his way to help me on the scheduling conflict. A further pet peeve is this new trend of "saving money" by putting the lab manuals and assignments online. Which really isn't saving money, because someone still has print the labs out to write on. And really, isn't that what the $140 lab fee is supposed to be for?

So one way or another I will be done with TMCC by January. Not soon enough for me, but it'll have to do.


Monday monday MONDAY!

imageCollapse )

Er... come if you like.


Redox reactions.
Power series.
Island biogeogrphy theory.
Spatial analysis in map design.
3 papers, 1 poster, 1 presentation, 1 lab, 1 lab practical, 2 tests, 4 final exams, 1 concert program.

All other "usual" tasks....


Things I learned in...


-How to spell "equilibrium".
-With great power comes great solubility.

(Yeah, that's all I got. When I can think of more and my brain isn't full of K I'll post them.)



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